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This lovely readheaded nuclear physicist had an overwhelming urge to do a nude photoshoot and didn't care who saw the pix. OK, that's silly. She is a model who offered to do a hotel room shoot with me. She is a real pro, but we had never worked together so I jumped at the chance, even though it meant driving into Portland for an 8 AM photoshoot! The things I do for my Bentbox followers! I ended up with over 1,000 images, so I divided them into two boxes. This is the first part of the shoot. There is plenty of full nudity and a sexy string of pearls in her pussy, but if you are looking for the most explicit action, you want the second box available here: Please note that Box 2 contains a zip file with all the images from both boxes remastered at 4K. If you like this model, I'd suggest purchasing box 2 and downloading the zip file with the beautiful 4k images. Just save it to your own hard drive and unzip it there for best viewing.

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