Run BentBox Promotions with Promo Codes

1. Create your own Promo Codes

Go to your promocodes page and create a new Promo Code for a special Discount.

You can assign Promo Codes to specific Boxes and decide for how long the Promo Codes will be valid.

You can create as many Promo Codes as you like and edit them at any time.

2. Use your Promo Codes as a marketing tool

Using your messages page, invite all of your Buyers and Followers to use your Promo Codes to get a special deal on your Boxes.

You can publish your Promo Codes on your other pages and sites and invite your following to receive the Discount.

Using your analytics page, do a Buyers per Content analysis and send specific Promo Codes to users who are interested in specific content.

3. It's all tracked

On your promocodes page you can see what Promo Codes have been redeemed and who are the buyers.

Use the analytics tools as much as possible to understand who is your audience of buyers. This is important to expand your market.