Make Money with BentBox referral program

How to make money with BentBox referral program

BentBox referral program allows anybody to receive money from sales of Boxes.

1. You are assigned with a unique referral code

Every BentBox user has a unique referral code that he or she can use to make money by sharing Boxes and inviting users to sign up to BentBox.

When someone buys a Box from any of the links you shared, your account is credited with a referral fee equal to 5% of the BentBox commission calculated for that Box. Read more about BentBox Commission.

Your referral code is automatically assigned to any purchases coming from your Referral Link.

You can also get a shareable link with your referral code by clicking on the share button from any of the Box pages or by connecting your account to Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

2. Share and Embed Boxes with your Referral Code

On the Box for Sale page of every Box you will find a share button under the Box cover image.

The share function allows you to share the URL to the Box with your Referral Code in the URL.

You can also use the Embed Code to embed any Box on any HTML page. Embedded Boxes can also have your Referral Code.

The embedded Box Card will look like this on any site:

3. BentBox does the heavy-lifting for you

In your settings page you can connect with your Twitter account.

  1. Click on the Connect buttons and authorise BentBox to post to your accounts.
  2. Select that you want to post content from all Boxes.
  3. All the posts that are automatically posted to your accounts will have your own referral code.

4. We send you money on a monthly basis

We send you a bulk payout at the end of every month, when you reach a minimum payout value of $50.

5. Use BentBox Media Package

You can use BentBox banners on your site together with your Referral Code.

You can find BentBox Media Package here: Media Package

If you need assistance please feel free to get in touch by sending us an email at

Refer to the Referral Rewards Program Terms page for Terms and Conditions.