Sell Your Videos on BentBox

With BentBox you can sell Boxes of photos and videos and also individual Videos like on other video platforms.

Selling Videos is super simple.

1. Click on the Upload Icon at the top of the page, and click on "New Video".

2. Upload your video and set a price.

You can set a price on the fly as you are uploading your video. You can also go back and change the price and all your other settings at any time.

3. Promote your Videos by sharing the link to your personal BentBox page.

Your Videos are available on your personal page, along with your Boxes, Posts and Collections.

All videos are available on this page All Videos

4. Videos don't replace Boxes, they work together with them.

You can use your Videos page as an additional Sales and Marketing tool.

Use your Videos to promote you Boxes. If you have a Box with a photo-set or a few videos, you can upload one separate video with one longer video and promote the Box in the description.

5. Everybody loves Videos

Youtube, Vimeo, and other tube sites on the web have made Video a very popular format. Use it to your advantage and attract more customers to your page.

6. Focus on quality

Upload longer videos, 10 minutes and more. Create value and quality with your Videos, tell stories.

Stand up from the noise and show what you can do!

At BentBox we work for you

  • You can reach our support team at any time. We are always available to help you out.
  • We keep building promotional tools that you can use to be as successful as possible at selling your content.
  • Your sales and payments are visible in the analytics page and we keep you constanly up to date on your successes.

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