Do you want to sell more Boxes? Have a premium content strategy.

Your content is precious, don't give it away for free.

1. Create quality content and show people what you can do

Good content matters. We all understand that good quality should be paid for.

Free content comes at a price: low quality, advertisement and click-baits.

2. Build a Premium Content strategy

Use your free content to promote your paid content.

Create teasers to showcase what you do. People will want to see more of it.

3. Use Social Media to promote your work

Build interest around your work, let the world know how good you are.

The secret to building a following is to have an online presence. That means publishing often and regularly. Engage with other people on your platforms, show them who you are and what you do.

Put the link to your Boxes on your other pages and Think Like a Publisher

How can we help you?

At BentBox we keep building tools to help our users get in touch and engage with their following.

This is what you can do today (we are building more):

  1. Connect to Twitter and Tumblr for automatic postings of your Boxes
  2. Get in touch with your following with our messaging system
  3. Showcase your work often with our Stream page
  4. Easy sharing of your Boxes on your social media pages
  5. Referral program for your Boxes
  6. Run promotions for your Boxes