BentBox Pro Account

Become a Pro user with BentBox. It will give you access to new features and unlimited storage.

What are the benefits of going Pro:

  • You can create Open Boxes. Open Boxes are not for sale and they are open to the public. This is a great option to share and showcase your work without selling it.
  • You can make password protected Boxes.
  • You can create a Revenue Sharing scheme to share money with other users from the sales of your Boxes, read about it here Revenue Sharing.
  • You can create Promotions and assign Promo Codes and Discounts to your Boxes with the following options:

    • All Boxes or a selection of Boxes.
    • Always available or only for a specific period (e.g. for a week).
    • Multiple or single purchases per user per each Promo Code.

  • You can upload without limits.
  • Priority listings.
  • Geo Blocking.
  • Make Time Boxes with a set expiry time.
  • Schedule the publishing of Boxes.
  • You can arrange your Boxes in any order you wish.
  • You will get access to all the new Pro tools that we will be releasing.
  • You get priority support and service.

Going Pro is a bargain. It costs only $5 per month (+ VAT).

BentBox is unique in the market and gives you great flexibility when Boxing your images and videos for sale.

Sign Up
Unlimited Boxes for sale
100% of asking price You will be paid 100% of your asking price. We put a commission on top of your price.
Messaging You can get in touch with your favourite users, buyers and followers.
Promotional tools You can connect to your Twitter and Tumblr account for automatic postings.
Analytics tools You can connect your Google Analytics Tracker ID with your BentBox pages.
Max 100 photos and videos per Box
All features Check out all of BentBox features here.
$ 5 per month (+ VAT)
Unlimited Storage
Open Boxes You can publish Boxes for sale or as open Boxes and share your work with anyone.
Priority Listings Your Boxes will be promoted in search results.
Promotions Your can create Promo Codes and run special Promotions.
Revenue Sharing for your Boxes You can add other users to receive money from the sales of your Boxes.
Geo Blocking For user page and individual Boxes All countries Allowed list for specific users
Scheduler to publish Boxes automatically.
Time Boxes with a set expiry time.
You can write your own custom licensing agreements and terms of sales.
Password protected Boxes.
Promotional tools You will get access to all our promotional tools to help you sell more. Marketing support from our experts.

You can cancel your Pro Subscription by sending us an email at

Check out why BentBox is the best community and marketplace to sell photos and videos: BentBox is the best.

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