How to sell more Boxes in 3 steps

1. Make new Boxes regularly

If you want to sell often and regularly you need a following of fans that love buying your photos and videos.

In order to have a following you should be making new Boxes on a regular basis. People like buying from the same models and photographers.

The more Boxes you make the more Boxes you sell.

2. Share your Boxes on your other websites

Your existing fans love you and your work more than your new fans.

Sharing your work with an established users base will make you sell more Boxes.

3. Use BentBox Referral Program and Promo Codes

Connect your BentBox account to your Twitter and Tumblr accounts for automatic postings. You will receive a 5% referral fee for every Box that is sold through your shared post.

Read more about BentBox Referral Program.

Run promotions for your Boxes.

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