BentBox is the Best Place to Sell your Photos and Videos

1. We put the user first

If you sell a Box for $10 you get $10 every time the Box is sold.

If you buy a Box you don't have to pay for any subscription, you just pay for the Box you want to buy.

2. It's simple

You can upload as many files and have as many Boxes as you like. No strings attached.

3. It's not limited to images

Your Boxes can contain a mix of photos, videos and zip files. For example you can upload a .zip archive for your work so that it can be easily downloaded by your customers.

4. We do videos as well

You can upload video files and our servers will process them for web viewing. All in the same Box.

5. You can sell just the access to your photos and videos

You can sell your Boxes like digital books where people pay to view your photos, without using your content anywhere else.

6. Your content is protected by global licensing agreements

Users can decide how they want to license their content, for example personal use only.

We use global Copyright Standards for licensing agreements between the sellers and buyers of content.

7. Your content is and will always be yours. No weird terms and conditions.

The copyright of your content is protected by our Copyright Policy

8. Your content is protected from hot-linking

Other websites cannot link your photos to their pages.

9. You control access to your content

You decide if your content can be downloaded or not.

10. We help our users with marketing and selling their Boxes

We constantly help our users sell as many Boxes as possible. You can start by having a look at this page How to sell my photos and videos.

11. Are you ready to try it out?

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