Share revenue with other users from the sale of your Boxes

1. Add other users to your Boxes for sale

If you are a Pro user, you will see a "Share revenue with other users" button in the Box for sale configuration page. Click it and you will be able to add users to share revenue from the sales of the Box.

2. Payments will be distributed to all users as PayOuts

When the Box is sold all users associated with the Box are notified of the sale and PayOuts are credited to their accounts as per the share percent set by the Box owner.

PayOuts are paid at the end of every month. This page explains everything in detail: "How we pay you".

3. It's flexibile

Added users can keep track of their Shared Revenue Boxes at the Revenue Sharing page and can see what Boxes have been sold at the PayOuts page.

The Box owner can update other users' revenue share at any time and new users can be added or removed as required.