How to market your photos and videos and maximise sales

Marketing your content is what will maximise the sales of your content and give you a reliable revenue stream.

As human beings we all crave human connections.

Keep this is mind when creating your boxes of content and writing the description of your boxes.

In this market we all buy the human connection with the author of the content or with the person presented in the photos (the model).

Below is a simple self assessment of activities that you can do to improve the reach of your boxes.

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1. Have you shared the link to your BentBox pages?

Sharing your BentBox pages will increase your reach and exposure and engage with new buyers.

2. Are your Boxes engaging?

Writing an engaging and enticing description will go a long way in the marketing of your content. In order to buy a Box of content we need to be excited by what's inside.

Be creative in the description of your Boxes, but don't be too descriptive. Write something that pushes people to buy and open your Box.

Let your imagination run free, but most importantly let the imagination of your buyers run wild.

3. Am I building an audience for my content?

Repeat customers are the best customers. They like your Boxes and they will buy your content again and again because they love you.

Do you remember about the "Human Connection"?

That has to be at the top of your mind when marketing your content. Make people fall in love with you. Build an audience of followers who can't wait for your new Boxes.

BentBox has a Subscribe button. People can subscribe to your content and be notified via email of your new boxes.

4. Are you sharing on Social Media?

Social media channels have a large reach.

Post the link to your Boxes in Facebook groups, to your Twitter followers and through any other Social Media channel.

Your following will grow. Your sales will grow.

6. Is BentBox working for me?

Yes. We are always at work to make your pages a huge success.

We share everybody's content on many web pages and social media channels on a daily basis.

All of your pages are indexed with Google every day. New Boxes are indexed as soon as they are created.

The description of your Boxes is picked up by Google and that makes it easier to find you on the web. Be unique in your descriptions.

We are also building new communication tools to help you stay in touch with your following.

7. We are always happy to help

If you need assistance in your marketing efforts please feel free to get in touch by sending us an email at