Do you want to sell more photos? Think like a publisher.

Selling content on the web is a bit like selling content offline. You need to create an audience of followers and keep them engaged.

1. Be a regular contributor

Your audience wants to hear from you on a regular basis. Think about magazines and newspapers, they build their business on periodical issues. You should do the same with your Boxes of photos and videos. Post a new Box once a week or every two weeks. We all like to receive updates from the people we are following. Keep your followers happy with new content.

2. Advertise about your work

Use Social Media techniques to spread the word about your work. Sharing good content is the secret to popularity.

Advertisement is about reaching as many people as possible as frequently as possible. Don't be shy with your self promotion. It will help you a lot.

Create premium content Boxes and share them with your followers on other websites. They will love to hear from you.

3. Ask your followers to be your promoters

Our referral program allows users to make money by sharing Boxes. Ask your followers to be your promoters, they will feel part of the action and will make some money as well.

4. Use BentBox Social Media Connectors, Referral Program and Promo Codes

Connect your BentBox account to your Twitter and Tumblr accounts for automatic postings. You will receive a 5% referral fee for every Box that is sold through your shared post.

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