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What Is BentBox Black?

BentBox Black is an exclusive and private section of BentBox.

Only users who have been approved by the content publisher can access their BentBox Black section.

BentBox Black is designed for those users who want to keep their content very private and away from the public.

Only users approved by the publisher will be able to access the exclusive section.

Publishers can specify what are the requirements to be given access to their BentBox Black section.

Publishers can periodically review and manage who can access their section.

The BentBox Black section is a private gateway to purchase exclusive Boxes. The purchasing system is the same as per the normal public page.

Manage your BentBox Black Access

You can access your BentBox Black Settings as a Publisher and as a Follower from the Account Admin Page, from the menu bar on the left of the page.

BentBox Black for Publishers is available to Pro Users.

BentBox Black for Followers is available to everyone.

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