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Purple Hot Summer 2017 - top down....

"I tried to wake up early to take some sunrise photos in this sexy little new bikini but I accidentally slept in a bit and ended up getting on the beach when everyone else was there. As I was walking, I was worried people could see through my bikini, but they were all super friendly and said hello and I started to feel much better and more confident. By the time I got to the water I was so hot and dripping with sweat and I jumped in without even thinking of how my bikini would become. When I walked out I was so comfortable and cool and I'm sure the crowd enjoyed seeing my little wet sheer bikini showing all and I enjoyed them seeing also. After all this excitement I wanted to just chill and tan in the dunes but I ended up feeling so good I wanted to do some poses and pics I've never done before. I think some even are too much for me but I'll let you be the judge. Sandeee XX. "

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