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About BentBox

BentBox is a sales platform for photos and videos. We give you the sales and marketing tools to be successful at selling your content.

Just upload your photos and videos into Boxes, set a price for your Boxes and that's it, you're ready to receive money.

When a Box is sold you receive 100% of your asking price.

How does it work?

Payments are accepted through Credit Cards and additional payment systems such as Bitcoin, Bank Transfers, any major brand Gift Card (Target, Starbucks, etc) and selected prepaid cards.

Sellers are paid every month with bank transfers as local deposits and Amazon Gift Cards.


It's free to use and there are no limits to how much you can upload. We put a commission on top of your price.

We give you an analytics system to maximise the sales of your Boxes.

Read here about how you receive money from your sales How we pay you.

Getting Started

We have put together a few articles about how to maximise your sales.

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We want to make BentBox the best place to sell photos, videos and files in general.

We are a team of dedicated developers and content marketers. Get in touch and let us know how we can help.