How to price your photos and videos and maximise sales

The pricing strategy for your content is as important as your marketing strategy.

Sales volume is what matters. The more Boxes you sell the more regular customers you have who come back for new content.

Keep this is mind when thinking about the pricing strategy for your Boxes.

Smaller amounts more frequently are better than larger amount less frequently.

Below is a simple list of recommendations that you can use to craft your best pricing strategy.

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1. Think high volume

Start low. Your price should enable your sales.

You want as many buyers as possible. At the start, your price should be an amount everybody can spend without thinking about it twice.

2. What's the right price?

Our analytics show that Boxes of photos sell well when they are between $5 and $10.

Video can sell for more. Between $10 and $20.

3. Can I increase my pricing?

This is the fun part. The value of your photos is determined by how much people are ready to pay for them.

You will have to try and see. Make a few Boxes at different prices and see what sells more.

Remember to read our Marketing Guide "How To Market Your Photos". The selling starts with the description of your Boxes. Make it appealing and enticing.

4. Worth Vs Price

We all value our work a lot. That's fine. Just be careful not to price yourself out of the market.

Just remember that it's better to sell a Box priced at $10 1,000 times rather than a Box priced at $100 one time only.

Work with your audience. Create a mix of Boxes at different prices. Let them decide how much they want to spend.

Let your audience buy your less expensive Boxes and they will also buy your most expensive Boxes.

5. Is BentBox working for me?

Yes. We are always at work to make your pages a huge success.

We share everybody's content on many web pages and social media channels on a daily basis.

All of your pages are indexed with Google every day. New Boxes are indexed as soon as they are created.

The description of your Boxes is picked up by Google and that makes it easier to find you on the web. Be unique in your descriptions.

We are also building new communication tools to help you stay in touch with your following.

6. We are always happy to help

If you need assistance in your marketing and pricing efforts please feel free to get in touch by sending us an email at