Sales Process Explained

1. Publishing a Box for sale

During the Box for sale configuration process you decide the price for your Boxes. The main price is in USD. Conversion to Australian Dollars (AUD) is shown as well for reference. All conversions are done using official and current currency exchange rates.

2. Buying access to a Box

Boxes can be purchased by Credit Card or with PumpkinPay, a Digital Voucher payment system developed by our head company Pumpkin Productions Pty Ltd.

All credit card payments are in Australian Dollars (AUD). A conversion from USD to AUD is done at the moment of purchase. BentBox receives the funds in Australian Dollars.

We store the payment owed to you (PayOut) in Australian Dollars.

All PumpkinPay payments are in USD.

3. We pay content sellers

Bulk payouts take place once a month.

You (the content seller) receive funds in:

  • Australian Dollars based on the USD to AUD currency conversion rate at the time of sale of your Boxes for transactions paid by Credit Card.
  • USD for all Boxes purchased with PumpkinPay. There is no conversion or fee in this case, you receive 100% of your asking price.

4. Why is the payout in Australian Dollars?

We are an Australian business working with an Australian bank to accept credit card payments. We can receive funds in Australian dollars only. For currency consistency, all payouts to you are in Australian Dollars as well.

5. How do we pay you?

Payouts to you can be done in one of the following ways:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Gift Card of your choice, subject to review (contact us).
  • Bank Wire Transfer. International tranfers fees may apply, contact us if you wish to receive a bank wire transfer.
  • Bitcoin

Remember to set your preferred payment system and account number in your Settings page. If you don't set it, we will remind you at the time of your payout.

PayOuts are processed once they reach a minimum of $100 AUD. If, at the end of the month, your PayOut doesn't reach $100 AUD, the amount owed to you is carried over to the following month.

Tranfer fees are paid by the receiver.

6. Do I need to ask for my Payout?

It is not necessary to request your payment because it is automatically calculated on the last day of the month according to the minimum payout amount of $100 (AUD).

7. How does the Payout work?

A. At Midnight (12:00:00) Sydney time on the 1st day of the month the payment period ends.

B. On the following business day we start to calculate if you reached your minimum and are eligible for payment.

C. If you are eligible for payment we send you an email to let you know that you will be receiving a payout payment in the following days.

D. Payouts are usually sent within the first week of the month.

E. If you did not reach your minimum, then all your earnings will transfer to the next month where the process starts at the beginning (step A). This will repeat every month until you have accumulated enough to receive your payment.

8. What if I want to get paid without reaching the minimum eligible for payment?

Get in touch with us and we will see if it is possible. A minimum payment threshold is set to keep your transaction fees and costs to a minimum.

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