Latvian Bird that decided to chase the dream of the modeling. Brave move in late 20-s. But here I am - doing what i love the most - performing. I am hella great teaser, damsel, and actress, but my love lies within art and nature. If we pose art nude in nature, I will probably kiss some trees and lie on the grass with bare feet. I belong to nature and naturalism - but every now and then I step into the fetish world as well as in the shine of the glamour. Though in the last 4 years, I have discovered the fetish world as well as the kinky side of the people around me. Inevitably I felt like I was chosen to be a persons fantasy character playing gagged roles as well as mistress roles. I had that blessing to get to know male species better. You can try to guess which character is more me - but I can assure I am very great teaser and performer in general. That is where my heart is.