I am an amateur model and wife with a self-taught photographer husband. I have been posing for him for more than 20 years. We have decided to share some of that material here. We have lived in Las Vegas since 2011, moving here to find new opportunities and a career change. I actually became an exotic dancer at the age of 41. While that was a lot of fun it was also rough in many ways. I was competing with girls half my age, and my body was taking a beating being on stage night after night (don't think pole dancing is easy)! After a few years of dancing, the club where I work had an opening for a House Mom, so I jumped at the opportunity to make more consistent money without all of the bruising and damage to my knees and hips. Now, I take care of the dancers in the locker room, feeding them, supplying them with outfits to wear, keeping them in line, encouraging them, and providing a shoulder to cry on. I love my job and really enjoy being a part of that industry. Since moving to Las Vegas our family has grown and I am now a grandmother to two beautiful children. For the past few years they have been my main priority and focus, so my husband has not had many opportunities to use me as his muse. We are hoping to change that in the near future, and make even more content to share here. I hope you enjoy our photos as much as we have enjoyed making them.