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Notice: In order to do our part to fight the notorious COVID-19 virus, we will be enjoying, I mean employing, the use of hand sanitizer on our hands to wipe down all models nude bodies before each shoot and again at the end of the shoot in order to protect their beautiful bodies from the scourge of the "virus". In these trying times everyone must do their part. Models: Need a place to hide out for the duration? Join us in our rural retreat where our camper (which sleeps 8 according to the 1984 original brochure) is generously stocked with sanitizer and instant noodles. Good opportunity to commune with nature and stay away from the filthy virus ridden city and all its perverts and join virus free filthy perverts in the countryside. Plenty of nice clean, mountain spring water now that we posted a sign "Bidet Use Prohibited". Toilet Paper: No worries we are in the forest and can teach you how to avoid poison ivy for your needs. Models will have an opportunity to shoot great spreads to record their beauty for all time with our experienced and advance photographic skills. To apply send short explanation of why you would be a good model and several explicit photos. In the meantime, enjoy the over 150 firsttimers and only models in all their gorgeousness . Save up to 80% when buying collections found on our collections pages, Collections by model, themes, looks. etc. Home of Stephanie’s famous "Colossal Coconuts". While you at our collections page check out the special discounts when you buy a themed group. Some boxes have all different models so you can decide which models you want to get to know better before looking for all their boxes. Collector Special: any 10 boxes for 40% discount for big savings. Just send us an email listing the boxes you want in your special collection and we will set it up. Office Employee Special: all of our bookkeeper Helga's scrumptious, luscious body barring, moral boosting, wantonly posed boxes in one collection at a reduced price. (P.S. if you have purchased a box the link will continue to work even if not be displayed on the main site. Just click on the link provided when you purchased the box originally.) Hunter Green Studios is a family friendly photography site and presents a series of fine art studies featuring glamour and nude models in various themed presentations from a private portfolio occasionally available for limited access.. Otherwise known as the tattoo free site. Probably more unique models than any other Bentbox portfolio, certainly more first and onlies. Models are mostly college students and young professionals modeling for the first time and in most cases, only time. Models recruited from casual everyday situations with some variation of the line “You should be in pictures. Let us set up a test shoot, etc.” Models mostly 100% organic, no plastic or metal body parts or tattoos (a few minor exceptions). Many boxes have musically themed video slideshows making it easier and more fun to watch. Many images offered as limited edition signed prints. Over 200 different cuties so far and with more never seen before models eagerly waiting their debut .New boxes posted and older ones retired and sometimes remastered and reposted with more and or better photos. Our thumbnails and feature photos are basically "pg" to avoid inappropriate under 18 access, excessive exposure, copyright infringement and to limit distribution to true connoisseurs of fine art and photography. Full nudity in all boxes unless otherwise noted in description, but not shown on avatars or thumbnails. Masks or abstract impressions seen on cover photos are not used in boxes unless noted otherwise. To respect model privacy concerns, many of the most beautiful bodies are in boxes with innocent cover photos necessarily restricting more intimate photos to art lovers. All boxes purchased available indefinitely, including unpublished, by using the link provided when you purchased the box originally.