Here are some things to be mindful of when operating your RoboGrrl Fembot Model: -Please check your box thank you note for promo codes or links to hidden boxes. Make sure you don't miss something awesome! - Before enjoying what your RoboGrrl unit has to offer, please familiarize yourself with the manual included. - Be mindful of your unit's internal temperatures. An internal temperature between 86 and 110 DEGREES FARENHEIT is optimal. Anything over 110 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT may cause the degradation of internal parts and potential damage and malfunction. - Please do not expose your RoboGrrl unit to environments whose temperatures exceed 110 FAHRENHEIT for prolonged periods of time. This may cause the unit's internal temperatures to rise and the unit may overheat. - In the event of malfunction or freezing, you MAY force a restart. To do so, please locate the slight, circular indentation found behind the unit's left ear. - Press and hold the button for a count of twenty seconds before releasing. This will cause the unit to power down and restart. To restart in SAFE MODE, press the button five times in a row. - Please do not fully submerge your RoboGrrl Demo Kit in water or other liquids without first ensuring all seams are sealed and your unit has been set to WATERPROOF. You can access this through OPTIONS and SETTINGS in the MAIN MENU. - Please remember that RoboGrrl Demo Kit is made for Demo and development purposes only. - Please remember to thoroughly clean all organic material out of any modules and off of the cyberskin. When cleaning, use a silicon-friendly cleanser. Please stay away from use of cleaning agents containing alcohol, silicon, and phthalates. - Upon initial use, please let the battery run to power down mode before recharging. - Please note, the plastic wrap and packaging that this unit comes in are Type 1 materials and therefore should be recyclable in your area. For more information say GREEN DISPOSAL GUIDELINES. - If you experience malfunction, damage the unit or the unit stops working altogether, please view the warranty for options for repair or reclamation of parts and proper disposal. We at RoboGrrl Industries care about the future of your natural environment.