Happy Healthy


I am working to make content that deepens our connection to our truest nature, working with some of the most beautiful beings on the planet to make the taboo and profane sacred. We find that it is often not the content that is the problem, but the context. Men are derrided for their interest in sex and women expoit their need for that connection through modern technology. We seek to teach ancient techniques for mastering sexual energy so you can learn to give orgasms that are like tripple dropping 2HCP with the downer, but all totally naturally and healthily. Learning to gain mastery over our sexual energy by practicing these techniques, our relationships become stronger, as vehicles to practice sex as a much more powerful path to enlightenment. When you know how to give full body orgasms that last for tens of minutes you are able to help people heal and channel their sexual energy as well as your own. These abilities are there for anyone who cares enough to look to find, we are here as people who care alot about our own health, happiness and sharing methodologies for others to find that too. You can find out more of our events and content at happyhealthy.io