Elysium Exclusivo


I shoot Glamour and Erotica. Here you will find rare private and exclusive content , sometimes explicit, with models who are exquisitely beautiful, many of whom do not usually shoot to these levels. I do as a matter of practice, give each model a modelling name on my profile, which is usually not her given name. This is in the interest of her privacy and protection - s0 any smart cretin who reveals it is in law breaching the Bentbox licensing and copyright rules. besides being stupidly insensitive and shows bad behavior indicative of his nature. All my work is copyright. If you purchase my work you are subject to my copyright rules and the Law. You may not share, exhibit or otherwise use my work. I have strong connections with the Law. If you breach this I will find you and I will prosecute you, You will not know when and you will know how. Just wait for it babe. Its coming sure as the Sun is hot and milk spoils. I also have a special and exclusive Bentbox Black page. Those I admit as approved access members, and are still in good standing, will continue to have access and I shall still put boxes up but this will only be available to those privileged few and not to those I have now excluded ( too bad Keith - you messed up your copy book big time ) ALL my work and content is of course also strictly subject to Bentbox licensing rules as well as UK Laws on copyright Intellectual property and privacy. All breaches will be prosecuted vigorously.