Elysium Exclusivo


I shoot Glamour and Erotica. Here you will find rare private and exclusive content , sometimes explicit, with models who are exquisitely beautiful, many of whom do not usually shoot to these levels. ABOUT BOX DESCRIPTIONS:- Some producers here who put up Bentboxes provide no description leaving you to imagine. Not me All my boxes have a clear description. Please read the description and the words very carefully. I am very specific in my choice of words. Please do not imagine what they mean – look up a dictionary if in doubt. For example “Full frontal” means exactly that i.e. the way the model is posed or standing. It DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THAT SHE IS NUDE OR TOPLESS. If a box is nude or topless it will say so in no uncertain terms. I do not allude. Video is defined legally as follows :- Video means simulated movement created by the display of a series of images creating the illusion of continuous movement so it may be a video created using a camera's video function of may be a Picture movie which is a term used to mean a series of still images joined into a video clip. Some of my models never work to, or publish any full topless or nude so do not assume that because other models choose to, the models I shoot will do. I do as a matter of practice, give each model a modelling name on my profile, which is usually not her given name. This is in the interest of the model's privacy and protection - Any person who reveals her real name contrary to this - is in the law, breaching the Bentbox licensing rules and UK Copyright rules. All my work is strictly copyright and subject to Licensing and copyright laws which will be strictly enforced. * The work that I myself like which I am happy to offer publicly will appear in a collection known as MY SPECIAL BOXES ExclusivXXX which can be found in my collections page and can be purchased without any password or code. I am also on flickr as - flickr.comphotos56234236@N02 ** I also have a black page containing my Black boxes. This contains my very best published ( and usually the most revealing ) work of the models I work with. Access is strictly by application and completion of my stringent requirements. Only if you can prove to me that I can trust you - by providing ALL that I require, will I consider agreeing you to have access to my black pages, These are boxes of what I consider my best published, and most rare and exclusive work over the last 30 years. These boxes are of cherished value to me and therefore shared only on a very exclusive basis. Access is by application and completion of my access requirements which include photo ID etc. XXX- I do not respond to enquiries or questions as to which models are on my black pages nor what levels of work they have done or what is contained in my black boxes. If you are privileged with access the boxes say what I want to say about them. I am sharing some of what I have seen with you. That is a privilege. Please do not abuse it by asking for more information in an unbecoming way.- XXX I am not overly concerned as to the economic efficacy of selling such boxes or whether I do sell any. To be provided access to see and purchase these sets is a high privilege. [ PLEASE NOTE that I retain the absolute discretion whether to accept your application, ] I also retain the right at any time to remove your access to my black page without assigning a reason or cause. It is my right as Author and Licensor.. To request access to this black page you will need to complete all my black page access requirements which I will send you upon application. Amongst my requirements is full disclosure of your identity (including a photo ID) together with proof of address and user name on Bentbox together with a specific licence and copyright agreement between us. Such information is retained confidentially in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR where they apply. Bentbox copyright rules, as well as the General Legal rules of Copyright and intellectual property and privacy will be strictly applied to all my Boxes whether Black boxes or otherwise. If you breach copyright I shall find you and I shall prosecute you. If you purchase or otherwise acquire any of my work or part of it - then you are subject to my copyright rules and the Law. You may not share, exhibit or otherwise use my work. I have strong connections with the Law.