Glamour and Erotic photographer. Rare Private Exclusive content sometimes explicit, with models who are exquisitely beautiful, many of whom do not usually shoot to these levels. This is therefore my Exclusive profile - I also have a non-exclusive and more general profile which is UK-Based and available to view and purchase if you are within the UK THIS however is my exclusive profile and much of my work on THIS profile is not available in the UK. This is because so many of the models here are British and will not have been seen at these levels in their home country. If that appeals to you as a collector, and you are located outside the UK and Eire then my work is for you. One of my shoot styles is to take images from one aspect or another from that shoot with that model - for example when the model disrobes and shrugs off her bra - and put that series of images into a box. Therefore my box may be of images of that aspect of the shoot. I do not shoot tacky or cheap. My models are on here revealing quite as much as they do for me for the first time. I refuse to join some others here in producing "cheap" boxes of cheap women. I hope that you like that. All content is strictly subject to Bentbox licensing rules as well as UK Laws on copyright Intellectual property and privacy. All breaches will be prosecuted vigorously. My other Bentbox profile is ELYSIUMEXOTICA. Follow me there too.