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Sooo this started off as a normal fun and sexy shoot but then it kind of ramped up and went off the rails once I started to get that tingly feeling. And I mean by " off the rails " right into my ass with my favorite glass plug and a thick creampie then maybe it went right after all! The only thing I remember before my hormones took completely over was telling hubby I was his puppet right after I slid that gloriously smooth plug into my tight ass..... I meant he could pose me however he wanted. With my clit throbbing I was too eager to feel that familiar orgasmic wave wash over me. In the very last photo of the series I ended up lost in my own orgasm while our culmination of ecstasy slowly dripped down my thighs. Whew! I feel like it got hot in here all of a sudden...I think I might have to have hubby ravage me after remembering all of those sexy feelings again...... ~ Mrs WnW

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