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My wife’s best friend, Althea, is this stunning 27 year old Filipina. She is practically part of our family and attends most of our gatherings. She is somewhat traditional and a little insecure too; she was born in the Philippines. I say she is insecure because a while back she got 36C breast implants because her boyfriend had said her ‘small’ boobs were an embarrassment to HIM. I wanted to punch the dude in his face for saying something like that to such a sweet and gorgeous person. My wife convinced me not to get involved, sigh. Althea has always been fascinated with my photography job and occasionally if I was editing a new set and she happened to be at my house, she would pop in and want to see my work. On numerous occasions she would say something like, ‘Wow, she is so beautiful and sexy, I could never take my clothes off like that though because I am nowhere near as hot.’ Believe me, I have tried on numerous occasions to get her in front of my camera, but every time she would laugh off my request and just say ‘Oh c’mon Jake .. ya I don’t think so… I am sure your wife would love that too!’ About a month a go, while my wife and I were driving to dinner, Althea called her. I could tell it was a serious conversation by my wife’s tone and face. At different points in the conversation, I could hear my wife say stuff like ‘Are you sure? Really? Why don’t you tell him to fuck off? I know… I know… ok, I will ask him at dinner.’ So based on those little snippets of the conversation I couldn’t wait to get to dinner to hear what this was all about. At dinner, we had barely sat down when I asked my wife ‘Ok, ok, what’s up?’ She proceeded to tell me that Althea’s piece of shit boyfriend had threatened to call off their wedding because he thought she was weak and didn’t have any backbone. They had a huge argument and she told him she would prove she had backbone and ‘he might not like the outcome.’ Well, to my shock, my wife asked me if I would photograph her best friend in lingerie to help her prove to her fiancee that she had a wild side. She added ‘I told her to tell him to fuck off, but she wouldn’t do it. That is why she called, she wanted me to ask you because she was embarrassed. So, against my better judgement, I told her I would ask you.’ I was speechless. I just said ‘I will do anything to help her out, you know that .. but I would love 5 minutes alone with that piece of shit fiancee! My wife coordinated everything so that I just needed to show up to the shoot, take care of some legalities and paperwork and then treat Althea like any other model. When her and I met up, we almost instantly gave each other a big hug and she started crying. Apologizing for putting me in the middle of her crisis. I told her that was nonsense, she was like family and I would do anything to help her. I refrained from disparaging her fiancee because the last thing I wanted was an upset model. Fortunately her crying was very brief and her eyes did not get too puffy. So she explained she only wanted to pose in lingerie and nothing too wild. I said she could pose to whatever degree she felt comfy. We first started shooting in a sexy two piece bikini and it took some time to help her find her vibe and get some basic poses down. When we moved to the next piece which was a very sexy powder blue lace set with thigh-high belts (but no stockings) she was feeling very comfy now. I had only shot one frame when all of sudden as she shifted on the couch her left areoles popped out from under her bra. It wasn’t a lot but I decided to shoot couple more and then pause and show her how it looked. Her face turned red and she said, ‘OMG my nipples are so dark, I hate them. I can’t believe I let that happen [referring to the nip-slip].’ I commented that it was actually very common and a lot of times models use that occurrence to expand their adventurous spirit and move towards even more nudity. Too my utter surprise, with her standing next to me, she gently put her hand on my back while gently caressing and then looked into my eyes and said, ‘Do you think I should show more Jake? I trust your opinion.’ Immediate flashes of my wife grilling me on how I could shoot her best friend nude flashed in front of me. I told her that if she really wanted to get bold she should jump full-on into the pool and just do it. She was in a very safe space too since she knew me and trusted my work. To my complete delight, she stood up from the couch and voluntarily took her panties off revealing a completely shaved bush. As she did this, she said, ‘ya know, screw it, I have lived my whole life worried about my body and how I am perceived. I’ll show him [referring to her fiancee] .. I’m going to rub this in his face.’ After she was done, I just doubled-down and said, ‘ya know what, I agree and I am proud of you, I know this wasn’t easy for you … you should just totally have fun with this shoot and let it all hang out. Meaning at certain times just layback and pose sexy, even with legs spread and free.’ Althea looked at me and asked if she could have a glass of wine, especially if she was going to be so ‘free. [giggling]’ I poured one glass and from there every went wild with her poses. For a moment, I was outside my body as she lay on the couch, nipples and pussy exposed - legs wide open. I couldn’t believe I was seeing her like this, but wow she was so sexy. After the powder blue lingerie, the wince started to kick in and as we walked to another room to shoot, Althea started taking off pieces of the lingerie to the point where she was now completely nude for the next set. She was feeling super chill now as she moved about the built-in couch, legs spread and hands moving across her body gently caressing her skin. She was completely in this sensual and sexy mode now. Posing in all positions. After this set I said we were done and she looked out on the balcony and impulsively grabbed my hand and pulled me outdoors, completely nude. She commented how her fiancee once fucked her on the balcony from behind, mimicking the position. Of course, I din’t hesitate to get a couple close ups of her pussy from behind. We ended up wrapping up when people outside on the beach were screaming up to her and cat calling. Her confidence in herself had never been so high. As she got dressed, she winked at me and said ‘If you ever leave her [my wife] let me know, I would happily take her place.’ I grinned nervously and she then stopped and said, ‘I think I am buzzed [laughing].’ Raw, unedited and sexy! Enjoy! To get the highest resolution of the images, please consider downloading them onto your computer and viewing there.

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