Salma: My Wife's Uptight Boss

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29 year old Latina, Salma, is my wife's manager at a local IT company. She has been her manager for over two years and generally they get along, though there have been times when my wife would come home frustrated at how uptight and inflexible she can be. Well, my wife was in for a major shock!! A while back, I was wrapping up shooting one of my clients when her older sister (my wife's boss) came to pick her up. Now mind you, I had never met my wife's manager and only knew of her by her first name. I was immediately struck by how beautiful she was and that she had curves in all the right places. She was still dressed in her work attire and she didn't know that I was her subordinate's husband. As we waited for her legal teenage sister to take a shower and get packed, I was able to probe a little to find out what my prospects were in shooting this Latina beauty. As we chatted, I stated that her sister had done well and even showed her some of the images from the shoot. As I scrolled through some of the photos and got to the sexier images, I noticed Salma biting her fingernails and slightly stuttering as she praised her sister for having the 'the guts' to pose in such reveling clothes. Now, if you have followed my work and 'modus operandi,' you know that there was no way that I would pass up the opportunity to try to get Salma in front of my camera. I asked her if she had ever modeled before and whether she thought she might be interested in posing for me? I mentioned that all the equipment was already setup and we could easily do a quick shoot. As she was nervously declining my offer, her sister had come into the room and heard my proposal. Luckily for me, before Salma could respond, her sister jumped in and said "Salma, do it. You have to, you need to do something exciting for once in your life! C'mon, I'll help you pose and give you confidence it you want.' Salma was still not convinced and responded with a lame 'I'll think about it and get back to you Jake.' Her sister was great and jumped in, and grabbing her sister's hand leading her in front of my tripod, commenting 'c'mon, you know you'll never follow thru, please sis I promise it will be fun.' Salma stared at her sister with dagger's in her eyes, but then grinned and said 'fuuuuck, I am going to hate you after this you know...[laughing]' Her sister leaned in and gave Salma a peck on the cheek and said 'Awesome!' After getting the paperwork and ID verification out of the way, we started shooting. Salma was fortunately the same size as her sister and was able to wear her wardrobe. We started out shooting her in her work attire, a sexy black tight skirt and ruffled blouse. She was noticeably tense, hiding behind her pretty smile. Her sister and I kept talking to her, guiding her in posing and trying to boost her confidence. We eventually did a wardrobe change and she put on the same style blouse, but only this time it was heart pink. We had only gotten thru 2 or 3 images of the pink blouse when her sister got impatient and said.. ‘ok, wardrobe change … come with me.’ She led Salma to the other room, grabbing a white cotton nighty. I could hear them giggling and finally they came out, Salma wearing only the white nightgown. Salma warmed up a little and we got thru that set fairly well with no major drama. I could see she was starting to get a little more relaxed. The next outfit she put on was a little sexier, being a pink satin slip. Her tits were so amazing under the silky material and were practically bursting to come out! When we were a little more mello, her sister jumped in and pulled her sister off to the other room again, grabbing a lingerie piece as well. I could hear them bickering and going back and forth… hearing bits and pieces like ‘…OMG you can see my nipples…’,’…this is completely sheer lace…’.’[younger sister] oh c’mon, you saw my photos right? weren’t they tasteful but sexy?.. you’ll be fine c’mon!’ Coming out of the room wearing a satin blue and black lace baby doll lingerie, Salma walked over to where we shooting, covering her nipples with her hands. I smirked and said, ‘um, so is that see thru up top?’ [nodding] Salma said, ‘I don’t know if I can show my nipples like this…’ I asked her if I could see what she was referring to so I could maybe give her some guidance. She slowly removed her hands to reveal her large nipples and breasts, showing thru the black lace material. I tried not to stare, but boy were they nice. I tried to downplay it and say that everything looked natural and sexy and that she had gone this far, might as well be adventurous. Her sister commented, ‘feel sexy, own your body.. work the camera, trust me you will totally get into it.’ On those words Salma sighed and said ‘Ok, we can try..’ We shot a bunch of images and towards the end she even revealed her lace panties too. I thought this would be the end of the shoot but her sister was crazy and said, ‘ let’s see some skin baby [grinning]!’ The little sister beckoned me to turn around while they whispered and I heard Salma forcefully say ‘I am not going nude…’ but her sister was relentless and compromised with ..’how about implied nude? This way you won’t be showing anything but can fully explore your sensuality in the images?’ Salma reluctantly agreed and when they told me to turn back around, I found Salma laying on the bed on her tummy fully nude. We shot a bunch, including some with her sitting up hiding behind a furry brown pillow. As much as I wanted to continue, I had an appointment with my friend I couldn’t break, so we wrapped up. The BEST part about this whole episode is when I was in my studio, editing her images, my wife stopped by to drop off our dog after going to the dog park. I had one of the sheer lingerie images up on my screen and when my wife walked by and saw who it was, she turned red and said “holy fuck, why did you shoot my boss? OMG! What did you do? How did you get her to show you her nipples like that..when did this happen? You have some explaining to do mister!!’ I too turned red in the face and said, ‘What? this is your boss?” She stood there, arms crossed, nodding her head affirmatively. I explained the whole thing to her and after hearing that I didn’t in fact pursue her boss, my wife relaxed and wanted to see the rest of the images. When we finished, she said to me, 'shit, how can I look at her with a straight face? those huge tits will be shining in my face the whole time?' We both had a good laugh and I confirmed with her that she agreed not to mention anything about the fact that I was her husband or that she had seen the photos. Enjoy this hi-res box!

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