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Alissa is this 19 year old tight, sexy blonde lady with natural 36C breasts who is currently enlisted in the U.S. Army. Alissa and I met during a street protest earlier this year in May 2020. I was working freelance, shooting coverage for a national newspaper and she was on duty manning a perimeter riot line. She confronted me when I was getting too close to a closed section of her perimeter and after she had gotten me to where she needed me to be, I commented ‘man I wish I was shooting my regular work instead of this stuff.’ As she sat on her army jeep fender, she called out ‘what is your regular work?’ I took a quick assessment of her and realized that she probably had an amazing body under her fatigues, so I answered ‘I am a pro glamour photographer and shoot models and newbies regularly.’ After about 30 minutes or so, she came up to me and asked for my card for ‘her friend.’ As I was giving it to her, I asked if she would be interested and she quickly laughed and said ‘fuck no sir, I would never do that shit.’ I said no problem and went on my way, writing that off as never gonna happen. Fast forward to August and one day while shooting a model, I got a text that said, ‘hey, this is Alissa from the protest, remember me?’ In between shooting, I replied ‘yes, is your friend ready to shoot?’ to which she replied ‘actually, um … I am the one interested, but I couldn’t let my sergeant hear that so I said it was my friend, is that ok? Sorry.’ I told her it was no problem and that it actually happens a lot when a model wants to separate her personal life from her work. I had a slot open that weekend so I asked her if she could shoot then and she replied ‘yes, what time and where?’ When she arrived she explained that she had recently gotten promoted to the rank of ‘First Class Private’ and she wanted to celebrate by doing something crazy and wild. I grinned and said ‘I shoot everything under the sun, so we can shoot whatever you want - do you have an idea of what your limits might be?’ She said ‘Well, I brought some raver outfits and some clothes so I guess that stuff would be my limit.’ As she got into her first wardrobe set, I noticed that she was very comfortable changing on set in front of me and the makeup artist. She took off the clothes she arrived in and then to my surprise she removed her bra too. She caught me catching a glimpse at those AMAZING natural breasts and she commented ‘I was reading that models don’t wear undergarments because it detracts the viewer from the photo itself - is that right?’ I smiled and said ‘yep, exactly, I am glad you are onboard with that fact.’ She grinned and said, ‘well, as long as I am not naked or something it is fine.’ She put on this cardigan sweater and weird looking skirt and we started to shoot. I could immediately see her nipples through the sweater as she kept working on her poses, since she had never modeled. Interestingly, as she moved into different poses, I could see her struggling to keep those beautiful breasts from popping out. Around the 9th shot she groaned and just let them fall out in plain view. I said, thinking she was taking a break, ‘do you need a break?’ She sighed and said ‘no, fuck it, if it is ok with you, it is easier for me to pose and NOT worry about whether my boobies are showing!’ Of course, you all know what my response was and we kept shooting. Since she was already posing topless, I asked her to remove her skirt and we continued shooting with her wearing just the panties she arrived in to the shoot. Next, she put her bra back on and we shot some lingerie shots. Also, at this moment, I noticed her stunning blue eyes which popped out at me as we shot. We then continued, as she removed her bra and we took more shots by the window with natural lighting. After shooting a bunch of poses, I asked her if she would be ok with taking off her panties, as the lighting illuminated her body so nicely. She said ‘well, I mean, I am already naked up top, might as well I guess … [while taking off her panties] shit, I hope my squad doesn’t see these. I’ll never hear the end of it.’ As we started shooting, I had to reflect on the fact that she had such a youthful, sexy body and pussy. Her pussy labia were tight and snuggly tucked and folded around her clitoris. So much so as it made me wonder if she was a virgin, because it looked so pure and untouched in that regard. As we shot, I tried to think of a way to get her to comment on this curiosity of mine and I finally said ‘my kid the other day said something any parent is happy to hear… she commented to me that her bf was putting pressure on her to have sex, so she dumped him because he wouldn’t stop … although it surprised me, I was so happy to hear this from her.’ Alissa’s eyes grew wide and she commented ‘OMG, good for her, I am in sort of the same boat because I am a VIRGIN too and refuse to just fuck any dude that comes a long, I’m pretty selective in fact.’ As we continued with different poses, I offered to her that I wanted to shoot a few shots with my strobe and without any direction, she assumed the doggy position. I could see her pussy and asshole clearly now and I actually noticed her pussy lips were red from when she had shaved earlier that day. After about 5 shots we went back to natural light and I could see the peach fuzz blonde hair on her ass, which highlighted sort of an innocence to her. The last set was shot in the bathroom with her putting on her rave outfits, giving her a different look all together from the full nude work we had just shot. Enjoy in this HI-RES HD box of beautiful, sexy and VIRGINAL amateur model Alissa. Enjoy!

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