Aury: Natural 34DD Conservative MILF Poses Topless for 1st Time

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I met Aury while working in the Dominican Republic. She was one of the local executives that was hosting the LATAM Christian Women’s Conference. I met her when we had a pre-conference meeting, as I was shooting some of the attendees to the conference. Normally I don’t take these gigs, but hey they put me up in a 5-star resort and paid me really well for the 3 day job. When she came in, she was wearing a professional outfit including women’s blazer which concealed her large breasts really well. I was immediately struck by how soft-spoken she was and very reserved. She had a gorgeous body from what I could see from the limited amounts of skin exposed. I knew I had a big challenge shooting someone associated with a religious organization but who was also quite shy and timid from my observation of her. I was super motivated :) I learned some things about Aury as we worked together. She was a mom of a 10 year old boy and single, but she had a steady boyfriend. That info right there told me she had a wild side, buried deep inside her and while we ate lunch together I gently probed to find out more. She was actually quite young at age 25 and interestingly her birthday was on Christmas Day. Her family was quite religious and they constantly berate her about not being married and say she is living in sin with her boyfriend. One thing that was also striking to me was that this young lady liked to drink. She polished off three margaritas while at lunch and really started to loosen up a bit. I took that opportunity to show her my ‘other’ work and she immediately turned very flush and red in her face when she looked at my images. She kept looking around her to make sure nobody could see her looking at my scandalous images. I found it quite entertaining honestly. When she got to the first nude image, her eyes got very wide and she put my phone down on the table and covered her face with her hands saying’ OMG you are the devil.’ I was worried I had offended her, but when she removed her hands, she had her tongue slightly out with a smirk on her face and she said… ‘wonder what my parents would say to me looking at these, haha?’ I then said ‘even better Aury, what would they say if you did a boudoir shoot with me and that was you in the photo [me grinning now]?’ She started biting her nails as she pondered the thought because I could tell she was nervous that I had even suggested it. Before she could respond, I double-downed and said ‘If I am being completely honest, shooting with you I feel would be so uplifting and beautiful, and an experience for you that I think you would never forget. Have you ever thought about it, even in your fantasies perhaps?’ She commented that she had modeled for a little while when she was younger but stopped because she had to focus on school. She continued and said her boyfriend had a fantasy of seeing her in sexy photos, but she would tell him it wasn’t ‘ladylike for someone responsible for a religious organization to do such a thing’ …she said he still brings it up especially when they are at the beach or something. Then she said, ‘If you are serious, I might be open to pose in my bathing suit, but no way in lingerie or definitely not naked!’ I could tell with her that if I pressed her to minimally pose in lingerie I would lose my opportunity, so I responded ‘Aury, you are so stunning looking I am ok with whatever you feel comfy modeling in… [winking] yes, even covered up wearing a bathing suit, haha.’ She laughed and apologized and then said, ‘OMG, my boyfriend will fall over when he sees the photos.’ We were wrapping up the lunch and as we walked out, I said I would be in country for one more day past the conference and we would need to shoot soon. She said she was free the next day because she was off, so it seemed like we could shoot then but she had to check with her boyfriend see what time would work. We departed and I waited the rest of the day to hear back. I was so worried she would sober up a little and decide not to do it. At around 7:15pm I got a text that she could meet at the hotel around 9am if that was ok. I confirmed and she then texted ‘btw, I have a surprise for you tomorrow [with a winking emoji].’ I responded that I was now going to be up all night wondering what it could be… she just replied with ‘you will have to wait and see.’ The day of the shoot she showed up wearing a tight fitting pink jumpsuit. It was then I could see her body better and I practically fell over when I saw how large her breasts were with her slim body. I was now on a mission to figure out a way to get her to the point where she would let loose those AMAZING tits. She had a fairly large bag with her wardrobe and I jokingly said, ‘wow, that is a lot of bikinis!’ In response, she said, ‘that’s the surprise, my boyfriend convinced me to try lingerie, this was after he said Jesus loved us so we could be free to celebrate our bodies.’ Personally I thought it was a bullshit line, but who am I to argue with it if it actually worked in getting her to feel comfy posing in lacy sexy pieces? As we worked through the different outfits, she stopped on the very first set after shooting a few frames and said ‘I promised my boyfriend I would show more of my chest than I usually do for only his viewing, but I told him I wouldn’t pull my boobs completely out. Well you will see in some of the unedited images her glorious breasts mostly out. When she was wearing the sheer lace red lingerie bar and panty set, while on the bed, she let them pretty much fall out to my delight. Also, you will see a couple of shots of her from behind wearing no panties at all, kneeling on the bed. If you zoom into one of those images you can clearly see her delicate bald pussy lips from behind. You will also see a couple of images I test shot with Prisms, which were fun to shoot too. When you look at her face you can clearly see her innocence and wonderment of whether she was posing correctly. Enjoy! Enjoy these 104 ‘best of the best’ out of the 600 images I shot that day, hi-res images of her, some edited and some RAW unedited ‘sexy’ and revealing shots. NOTE: Downloaded image files will provide for highest Hi-Def resolution, however if you view them in the Bentbox platform they are compressed for optimal viewing and loading.

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