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I had this unique and beautiful tunnel plug for a few weeks but never played with it. I was kind of shy... It is such a beautiful object in shiny steel with a very pure shape and inspiring strength. It is definitely big with a large "neck" compared to my regular rosebuds. I was also intrigued by its mechanic design with its removable core. One day, in the middle of the week, I felt so horny and appealed, I needed to play with it. I inserted it inside me. I felt full and relieved. Once I had removed the inner part, I could finger my bum through the plug. Such a new feeling to have my hole always wide open! I was so excited! I used whipped cream to fill my bum via the tunnel and touched myself while the cream was dripping along my lips... like cum. I was imagining you were coming in my wide open hole... I longly inserted my fingers inside me. It was such an amazing experience...

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