Glamorous and Scandalous

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Some days I'm torn between having a snack and looking like one. On this particular day, I opted to skip the snack and be the snack. Let's sip champagne and I'll let you have me as a snack... I'll slip into a sheer dress with strappy heels and scandalous lingerie hidden beneath. The sheer, glittery, glamorous gown teases and begs for your stares as you get erotic glimpses of what's peeking through. I smile as you stare, posing in a teasing way...until I am aroused enough to show you more. Giving little peeks at first to taunt you. You're not quite close enough to feel my soft skin as you watch from afar. First I show you my breasts, pressing them together with a coy smile. Then, little flashes of my feminine flower and plump booty. I love teasing this way! As I get more bold, I show you my secret wetness on full display. I hand you my dress...The teasing continues until I can take no more. I pull out my cold, steel toy and feel the pleasure between my legs. The two videos will bring us to orgasm together. A teasing strip, followed by satisfying self pleasure are guaranteed to delight and arouse your senses....and the bulge in your pants. What do you say we have an erotic release together?

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