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Elizabeth got booked first for a bikini shooting. She has a Bo Derek hairstyle and sunglasses. They give her a bikini bottom only and tell her to pose on a bamboo mat. They want her after to work with a black male model. She has to get in the 'doggystyle' position and help a male black model doing his workout. When they want her to sit on him she asks why. They tell her that they need some SOFT porn scenes and Elizabeth starts to get a bit nervous. She starts moving back and forth on him and feels his cock getting big. For the 2nd shooting some weeks later she has to wear a black bikini and high heels and hold and rub a long bamboo stick. 'It is time for some HARDtuff now, Liz! Go down and remove the towel!' She sees the biggest cock ever. Elizabeth is speechless because they tell her to lick and suck his huge cock. Oh my god, she thinks and decides to just do it. Enjoy the photos and the HD video!

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