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I met this gorgeous, 29 year old black pediatrician, Mila, at the local Children’s Hospital. I had a gig shooting a costume party for the staff there and she caught my eye, when she walked in the room wearing the cutest little costume. I am still not exactly sure what she was supposed to be but it was form-fitting and it showed off her AMAZING body and bum. I hurriedly shot all the images I needed for the party then proceed to engage her in conversation. She said she was born and raised in Kenya and moved to the states when she was 8. Turns out she was a pediatrician and to my surprise an art-loving one at that too. As we talked about her job she asked me, ‘What is it you love shooting with your camera? It can’t be these holiday parties?’ I grinned and just came out and said, ‘I love capturing the essence of a woman’s form and figure on film and even more helping her take the journey to self-expression in the images.’ Her eyes got wide and she giggled while holding her glass of wine. She leaned in and asked me, ‘you mean with no clothes?’ I said it ranged from sexy club-wear to full on artistic nude work. Mila replied, ’Wow, I envy women who are able to do that, because I come from a very conservative family and could never embark on such a journey Jake - [signing deeply] unfortunately.’ Of course, I saw this as an opportunity. :) I asked her, ‘So when you go to the beach you don’t wear a bikini?’ She looked intrigued by my question and said, ‘yes, I do wear a bikini but I have my Kenyan boyfriend to make sure other men don’t stare at me.’ I responded by saying this was very interesting and that I would do a shoot with her in a heartbeat, even if it were of her wearing club-wear and a bikini. Even though she has silky smooth ebony skin, I could see her flush and get a little embarrassed. I then said, ‘Look, I have an opening in my shooting schedule this Saturday. Here is my card, you don’t have to decide now, ping me later if you want to ‘dip a toe’ into something new while maintaining your conservativeness.’ She took my card, looked at it and as she put it into her purse said, ‘ok, Jake, thanks.’ On Friday, the whole day passed without a peep from her and I just wrote her off eventually. Saturday morning, as I was preparing for my other shoot, I got a text from her that stated, ‘Hey Jake, good morning, if the offer is still open I want to do that shoot you mentioned at the party. I know I am super late, but is that slot still open today?’ I said yes and asked her to call me so we could bang out the shoot details. We met at 1pm at a local boutique hotel and she was absolutely stunning with her flawless skin and kinky hair style. She thanked me again for the opportunity and I first got the paperwork out the way. As she read it, she was a little taken back with the terms and how they gave me full rights. I explained the reasons why photographers have such terms and she said ‘ok, that makes sense.’ As we walked around the suite she saw the stand-alone tub filling with hot-water and got very excited saying ‘Wow, I want one of these in my house so badly.’ I responded [thinking aloud] ‘well, I thought we could start out shooting you in the bikini in the tub since the sun is perfectly aligned.’ She started biting her long pink nails (the only reminder of her costume a few days before) and she said, ‘it wouldn’t look too natural in the shots if I was wearing a bikini, huh?’ I was admittedly a little thrown off by the question. I responded with, ‘well, if you are asking from an artistic photographic perspective, no it would look pretty weird - but I respect your boundaries too.’ What happened next almost gave me a heart-attack! ‘I am extremely appreciative of you respecting my boundaries, but those have changed as of this morning. Let’s just say my boyfriend is not in the picture anymore and he won't be my first guy to lose my virginity to too anymore. Sorry, it’s not your problem [taking a pair of sunglasses out and putting them on] … if you are ok with it I want to rip the band-aid off as they say.’ She proceed to remove her form-fitting dress and panties revealing a tight, sexy black body. I tried not to stare at her lovely bald pussy too.. she had no pubic hair. I was speechless. I tried to play it kool and said, ‘Absolutely fine and totally your call. I would say we would take it slow, but that is sort of out of the window, huh?’ She chuckled as she got into the tub and said, ‘I think so Jake.’ We also shot in some voyeuristic poses in the bathroom while wearing a robe and looking in the mirror too. Shot her in the shower artistically as well. I put her in the green dress she arrived in and another one too she had brought. We did those shots in the living room of the suite. She was just so damn sexy and as the shoot continued she got more and more comfortable. I put her on the bed and got some full-on nude shots as she stood against the headboard. The Innocence in her as she looked down at her beautiful, bald VIRGIN pussy with delicate closed puffy lips. She was in-love with her own butt too and it comes through in the images. I didn’t want to press it though and get too raunchy for this professional doctor. Enjoy this HI-RES box!

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