Beth: My Mail Carrier Poses for the 1st Time

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Beth, this 28 year old beautiful and sexy redheaded Floridian, has been delivering my mail for many years and for the life of me I have unsuccessfully tried to get her to model for me. Every time I brought it up she would tell me her husband wouldn’t allow it, as she came from a very strict background. She never told me exactly the details, but I was respectful of her decision, especially since she delivered my mail each day and knew where I lived. :) A few months later, as I was standing outside, I had to sign for a magazine delivery I was expecting, containing a set of my published images. As I was signing, I mentioned this fact to her and she said ‘Really, wow, I didn’t realize you were a pro at photography!’ I asked her if it was ok to show her the work in the magazine? She grinned and asked back ‘well, sure, I would love to see it… wait it is not naked women or anything like that right?’ I grinned and said, ’no, not this set, these are tasteful glamour images.’ She nodded affirmatively and as she flipped through the magazine I could see her little wheels turning inside her head. So, I took a chance and said ‘these are the type of images I was hoping we could shoot together one day.’ She stopped looking at the magazine and looked me in the eye asking, ‘is that offer to shoot still valid? My circumstances have changed and I am able to try new things now, so I would love to try if you are ok with it still?’ Well, you didn’t have to ask me twice. haha. We met up at this airstream RV I had shot at before and we talked about the shoot and expectations. Of course, she said she wasn’t going to pose nude but not even in lingerie. Only in her sun dress, as this ‘was her first time and she was very nervous.’ I didn’t push her and we first started shooting outside, with her wearing a cute read sundress. As she got more comfy, I said ‘let’s go shoot in the Airstream, but would you consider posing in some lingerie?…no pressure of course, but you seem to be getting more comfortable and I think you would look great wearing it.’ She commented that she didn’t bring any with her and I responded by showing a suitcase full of many clean pieces i usually have with me. She grinned and said, ‘well I can see you come prepared.’ She next shot in this sexy black and floral babydoll piece with a red thong. She was a little more animated and started feeling sexy, posing in different positions. After shooting about 30+ frames, I wanted to keep her good feelings going by suggesting she put on a white t-shirt. When the light hit it just right you could clearly see her dark nipples through the material (not it wasn’t sheer material however). I gently pushed her further and took a few minutes to explain to her what implied nudity was and after she clarified with me that no nipples, pussy or ass would show, she agreed. Well as we shot, I mentioned that I liked for my shoots to be collaborative and that if she had any ideas I would welcome them. To my complete shock, she said she saw one pose where the model was laying on her tummy and that she was nude from behind. As I was about to ask her if she was ok with that since her bum would clearly be in the shot, she had already gotten into the position. She had a very sexy, feminine body with a delicious-looking butt - not super tight but not flabby either. We shot a bunch of images with her laying there nude. I don’t think there are any nip-slips too but her butt is fully exposed from above and the side. These images are more artistic in approach too btw. I could see she was getting bored with that set, so I said ‘what’s next?’ .. to that she replied ‘how about a bikini, I brought mine.’ So we went outside and she posed for me by the pool in her feather-patterned suit. She was a lot of fun to shoot and later every time she delivered the mail, she would wink at me because to her she shared something intimate with me (even though it was just another day shooting for me). This Hi-Res box was fun to shoot. Enjoy!

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