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Belinda Duff

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North Highlands, United States

Hi there. I'm 22 going on 23. I'm a fine blended mixture between Thai,Vietnamese, Laos, and the other half just plain ole white. I love outdoors, I love cold winters nights with warm cuddles. I love weed. Mary Jane heals my pain. She’s my queen. I have a major love for shoes,makeup, and winter apparel. Currently a waitress at a Thai Restaurant and Bar. Im also a certified medical assistant . So of course I love to play nurse. Im somewhat the funny friend. I love to just hang out, watch movies, be around my family and friends, and be goofy. I love soccer and I love basketball,can’t play basketball that well, but soccer I did for ten years! I'm 5'1". & 145 pounds. Fun sized with more to love ?? In all honesty, I’m just the super thick, short funny girl. So if you like extra thick peanut butter and double churned ice cream, hahaha you've cum to the perfect place. I’m down for free chat, I’m down for private chat. I’m not picky . I’m not here just to gold dig, but to spark some interesting conversation with some great people! Stop by and say hello! I don’t bite ... that hard hehehe. Don't let all this sweet talk get to your head, they don't call me BossyBelinda for no reason.You