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PREDATOR- PREDATORY. (prod. by SV Beats) OFFICIAL VIDEO What’s up lovers, thanks for watching this music video. The g I wrote, “Predatory” is not only a “playful daytime performance” but also a way to make fun of how ocritical society is. Being in the dating and sex work industry I’ve seen the term “predator” used more frequently when it comes to talking about pickup artists and sex workers, whether we (PUAs) are seducing women or told that we are actively seducing people away from their significant others due to the services we offer (sex workers). They call us predators when we strive to make our lives better but the same people who point the finger at us won’t point it where it’s most important. Look who’s running the country (USA) and running to run it. Look at the people making our laws, dictating how tax dollars are being spent, determining who can get married and who cannot, determining who is a good per and who is not. Determining what’s a trend, what is acceptable, what is not. They’ll enjoy our services and then go to work and oppress us. I can’t even. They call US Predators for going after what we want (women, money, etc) and yet have no issue making $$$ for their own pockets to expose us as ‘dangerous’ or use our stories to make into hits with big name rities to entertain others. And what do we get? Our rights taken. Our voices spat on. Our stories ridiculed. They’ll condemn us in public and make fun of us, even leaking our content or harassing us for free content since our WORK isn’t considered WORK in their eyes. They have no problems taking our advice or watching our content, while stroking with a hand on the mouse and a hand on their parts. FOH. When the rich and elite do it, it’s scandalous and something to gossip about at the dinner table, but barely an outrage enough for anything to really be done. When those among you do it, they are the most hated on earth. Even with simple relationships, where two people love one another: some of these bigots refuse to let the same sex get married and would rather smile at our despair while praising Jesus with the other hand. They claim that they are afraid that we are preying on the next generation with our ‘sins’. Yet these same lawmakers have no problems going to sex islands and underground places which exploit and people and buy services from LGBT sex workers to satisfy their gay urges. When Timmy tries to find the love of his life and takes a pickup class, he’s called weird and weak. He gets made fun of and pushed over by the crowd of sheep when he’s crying for help. When Jane goes out to find hot girls or guys to hook up with, she’s called a slut. Society will always try to spin a frame to make someone successful look like a scumbag while laughing in pity at those in need. Screw haters. Screw sheep. So here we go. Am I Predatory for seducing many beautiful women as a seduction artist? Am I predatory for doing my job as a sexworker to make my fans happy and taking time to satisfy? Fine, label me as Predatory. Another per’s label of me didn’t mean ish anyways. So if you’re bored as hell this Halloween 2020 where we are all locked up in our houses doing nothing but browsing the web, feel free to dance to this amazing beat, enjoy this delicious interaction between model Scarlett Feverish and I, and enjoy this lovely lesbian pickup update. Because I’m not teaching any dating classes while this pandemic going on. Alright lovers, until next time! Artist: Predator. (Flye Hud) (@xonightlightox) Producer: SV Beats (@shaynevanshayne) Model: Scarlett Feverish (@scarlettfeverish) Director : Predator. (Flye Hud) (@xonightlightox) Videographer and Producer: Christian Palomec (@palomectv)

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