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A 40 Dollar Love Letter To Black Men Part One

24:32 minutes, 1280 x 720 HD, MB - License: personal-use

For centuries, the black male has screamed about how unfair life is for him. He has made it his life's mission to let the entire world know that he is oppressed, downtrodden, an "innocent" victim and simply cannot help his horrific situation. I, Lady Nzinga, watched for the past fifteen years as black males pointed their fingers at the black woman as the sole reason for their misfortune. I watched with growing consternation as they manipulated their viewers into thinking that the problem in the black community lies with the most disrespected and unprotected woman on the face of the earth: The Black Woman. The purpose of this Grassroots Community Documentary, and soon-to-be Docu-Series, is for the Black woman to share HerStory, her way, with her own voice. Never let someone else tell your story!!!

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