South Shields beach babe Jaki Leigh

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Back in 2005 when I did this shoot 'do it yourself' websites and social networking were still in their infancy, so models were more likely to use agents/managers to manage their online profiles. Jaki Leigh was one such model. Fortunately her agent turned out to be a friendly outgoing chap so the arrangements went smoothly. I think he did a bit of male modelling and was a stripogram/male stripper. I met them in a car park in South Shields and he took me to the location at the beach. When I say beach, it was really the bottom of a cliff side, with the North Sea waves breaking on shore. I can't remember the reason why but it was an evening shoot, with the first photo not taken until after 1930. But it was the height of summer so we still had some daylight to work with. One of the agent's fellow promo friends appeared which I hadn't been made aware of. I'm not usually keen on people turning up at shoots unexpectedly, but in this instance he proved useful as a lookout as there were lots of walkers/doggy walkers snooping around. I think he was also there to size up Jaki Leigh as a partner in some sort of boy/girl photo or video shoot. Whether it was hardcore porn or something a bit tamer, I don't know. You may be wondering why I've said nothing about the model so far. Well in truth she seemed shy and hardly spoke during the whole shoot, she left all the speaking and directions to the agent. Turned out she was just a beginner and this was one of her first nude shoots. She had a nicely toned little body and good skin tone. Although the model gets naked and does show her pussy in some shots it wasn't classed as an adult shoot so there aren't any explicit pussy shots. In my early days of shooting models I did some non-explicit shoots. The box contains some teaser photos and 6 zip files which contain all photos from the 3 sets shot on the day.

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