Erikka: Amateur, Nude Librarian Spreads Legs for 1st Time

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While vacationing in a dessert hot spot recently somewhere in the Southwest US, I was laying out by the pool when this absolutely beautiful but shy woman sat down next to my lounge chair. As she took off her outer pool wear to reveal a super sexy black bikini and firm tits, I immediately noticed that she was alone - no boyfriend or husband to be found. Once she was settled, I had a unique idea and called one of the models I was shooting the next week and made sure I was loud enough for her to hear my conversation. I talked about the wardrobe, the published nature of the shoot and 5-figure payment she would be receiving. After I hung up, to my absolute delight, a minute or two later, she leaned over to me and whispered ‘I apologize for listening in on your conversation, but are you really paying that model $1x,xxx for 2 hours of modeling work? Are you a photographer?’ I said yes to both questions and watched her eyes get wide and a little grin appear on her face … I then whispered back, ‘Are you a model too?’ She shyly said ‘Oh God no, I don’t have the confidence to do something like that, but wow that is some good money for 2 hours of work.’ She then continued, ‘plus I don’t think I have the height or boobs for the job either.’ I responded and said I disagreed, as I looked her over. Commenting ‘Matter of fact, I bet I could guess your bra size, which if I am right, will confirm you have the boobs for the job!’ She looked around nervously and then looked at me giggling and flirting back with [grinning widely] ‘If you are wrong what do I get?’ I firmly responded that I would pay her $1,000 ..but then added, if I am right though you have to model for me.’ Her excitement over $1000 quickly waned when she heard my counteroffer and she said ‘shit, things getting real here now huh?’ I just said if you want to play you need to play to win it. She was now biting her nails nervously and then said ‘fuck it, ok you have ONE guess though only!’ I agreed and said ‘Ok, can you show me your physical bra so I can prove I am right when I say you are a 32D?’ She stared at me for a good 30 seconds and her face turned very red… then she said ‘How the fuck did you guess that? Not even my mom can remember my boob size sometimes!’ I smiled and said ‘I have been shooting nude models for 20+ years and have an eye for knowing breast sizes - I can even tell if someone has fakes too.’ After more chatting I found out that she was single and worked at the local library as a librarian. She said did some moonlighting too but wouldn’t tell me what the job was haha. She also revealed that she was 26 years old of Native American, Nigerian, Puerto Rica and Dominican decent. After we had lunch, we made arrangements to shoot in my suite that afternoon. When we got to my suite, as she was filling out the legal paperwork I explained to her that the shoot required at least lingerie work. She stopped filling out the paperwork and asked ‘am I getting the same pay as the model you spoke to at the pool?’ I said, ‘no, you are getting one quarter of what she was getting paid because she was comfy posing full nude with her legs spread.’ Her eyes got wide, and she laughed and said ‘yeah, that ain’t happening.. I mean don’t get me wrong, I hold no ill will towards models who can pose like that … shit, in my private time I sit like that and read nude.. but I just don’t have the courage to do it on film… OMG can you imagine if my daddy saw them????’ I told her I completely understood and that I only shoot what models are comfy shooting and she would be surprised how quickly models would change their minds and get more bold. We started her out in a sexy fuchsia and black one-piece lacy lingerie. At around the 11th or 12th frame, her nipple popped out. Like so many models before her, I stopped and commented about this and she giggled… ‘oops.’ I said, ‘do you want try something a little bit more… how about topless? I will double your pay too.’ She said she wanted to but was worried about her daddy. I assured her the chances of him seeing these photos was slim to none when you factored in all the nude work out there in the world. She thought for a moment and proceeded to drop one shoulder strap and subsequently reveal her stunning breast. Then as we shot she got more daring and sat up on the bed to reveal both amazing breasts, her nipples were taught and perky too. The next outfit was this one-piece black silky slip, which to my delight I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties or bra underneath. As she posed for each shot, I jokingly said ‘ya know, you know you want to show the lower regions too… you know you want to.. [sticking my tongue out at her laughing].’ She responded, ‘well, I didn’t wear any panties for a reason right.. do I get paid more for that…?’ I said yes a few hundred bucks more to which she proceeded to lift up her dress bottom to reveal her shaved pussy. She was definitely getting more comfortable and I felt for the next set I would try to get her to spread her legs. She put on this sexy lacy white lingerie piece held in place by one little button just below the middle of her breasts and no panties. As she posed I tried to get her closer to spreading her legs but she put her hands and arms in the middle blocking her pussy lips and sexy bits. Finally I commented and said, ok let me make this final offer, ‘I will pay you what I was paying that model on the phone, if you pose like her and spread your legs.’ She started biting her lips and nails again and shy played with her hair as she thought it over. Finally, she said ‘I am just worried my daddy will see’ .. I said to her, you have to decide, I can’t make the decision for you but I will just remind you of what I said about that concern. She nodded affirmatively and then stood up in front of the chair and then proceeded to spread her legs for me asking ‘like this?’ I could barely speak and just quickly shot the images before she might change her mind. We ended the shoot with her posing in a red bra and panty set, showing off her cute little butt. This was a fun shoot. Enjoy these unedited and raw images of Erikka!

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