Crystal: ER Nurse Poses Nude Secretly from Fiancee

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I was vacationing in a beautiful, exotic place in the States recently, when I had a fishing accident. As I was putting bait on the hook, I accidentally put it in my thumb instead! So, I had to go to the ER for them to remove it and disinfect it. So evidently, for these types of things, they don’t give you a doctor but a nurse instead. To my delight, in walks in this stunning, voluptuous 25 year old blonde nurse - I thought I was dreaming! We introduced each other (though my pain) and I find out her name is Crystal. As Crystal worked on me, I casually found out that she had a Fiancee and was to be married next year. She asked me what I did for a living and I let her know about my photography background. When she heard that I shoot models, she paused cutting my metal hook out of my numbed finger and looked at me and said with wide eyes, ‘you think I could be a model? I have never done it but always wanted to .. but my fiancee has told me he doesn’t want me doing it. [sighing] He has a jealous streak unfortunately.’ I responded with, ‘sadly, what you are describing re: your fiancee is not all uncommon, there are a lot of men who are insecure and impose those things onto their significant others. I would just say this … if you want to try modeling I would move some things around, while I am here and set something up for us to shoot.’ She finished cutting the hook out of my finger and said, ‘You really think I could make it as a model?’ I said, ‘absolutely, you could do the nursing and then the modeling on the side, until you have established yourself.’ As she wrapped my finger in gauze, she said, ‘I have to say I am really tempted. I couldn’t take you away from your vacation though, that wouldn’t be fair.’ I told her shooting models is like a never-ending vacation for me and I would happy to accommodate her. I let her know I was in a penthouse by the beach and it would lend itself nicely to shooting her. I showed her my portfolio on my mobile phone and she bit her fingernails and said. ‘Oh man, there is no way my fiancee would let me pose like that.. [referring to the nude work].’ I just let her know that we would start out slow and only shoot what she was comfy shooting, no pressure. After saying this, she seemed more relaxed and said, ‘Let’s do it! Can this be confidential though because I wouldn’t want my fiancee to find out and be hurt I went behind his back?’ I let her know that all my shoots were between me and the models. When Crystal showed up, she only had a small bag with her wardrobe in it and usually that is a sign that a model is thinking she wants the vibe of the shoot be more sexy [with lingerie or less]. So I gave her a quick tour of the penthouse and she was impressed and awed by the views of the beach and ocean. After the tour I checked her IDs and reviewed the items she had brought. Only two lingerie bra and panty sets, that’s it. I said, ‘looks like you are ok with these pieces then?’ She replied, ‘yes, I’m not some old lady ya know.. and I want the images to be sexy too [grinning].’ Well, it literally to her four images to go from lingerie to topless and showing those amazing 32D breasts!! I stopped and confirmed she was ok with being topless and she responded with, ‘well, as long as my fiancee won’t find out I want to try as much as possible with modeling.’ I was very happy when after a few more shots she took off her panties too!! Now she was completely nude!! Thank you Mr. Fiancee for being such an asshole to Crystal that she felt she had to be defiant and remove all her clothes for the shoot. HA! She put on a new bra and panty set, which was more sheer and very sexy on her. We shot those in the bathroom. I suggested we end the shoot in a wild way and that she go back out on the balcony [she went out there earlier fully nude] and she happily agreed and to my amazement she spread her legs as wide as they could go so my lens could capture her labia, clit and everything. I managed to snap a couple of close ups of her bald pussy too. She was so fucking hot! Enjoy these Hi-res images.

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Crystal: ER Nurse Poses Nude Secretly from Fiancee  by thekitchensink

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