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You remember Ophelie's accurate description from the first set. Here is some additional informations. Ophelie comes with a delicious pussy escalope that is cooked to perfection. Her lips are large, firm, but not too chewy. Her inside is tender and very moist, and it's beautifully seasoned. It also goes well stuffed with sausage and a generous amount of cream. For dessert, I suggest that you try Ophelie's large peach ass. It has been left for maturation in its own juice for years - a traditional process which allows the development of an incredibly rich and intense flavor. It is very sweet with a slight acidic, lemony kick that's so addictive. But wait, here's the catch: just like her pussy, this sweet, refined desert pairs mind-blowingly well with meat sausage! Salty, spicy, large or curved, any kind will do. Just make sure you use a drizzle of olive oil to facilitate the combination of flavors. Bon appetit!

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