Mistress Raven: Sex Therapy With Spike Irons- Las Vegas Session

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The sequel to Mistress Raven: Marriage Therapy takes Raven back to see Sofie Marie's husband, Spike Irons, as he persuades her to give him a solo sex therapy session because he didn't get enough of her during his couples sex therapy. Raven complies and gives Spike what he's been dreaming about, as he gets to finally taste her and have all of Raven to himself. Watch as he makes her cum then fucks her wet pussy in multiple positions, pounding her hard with his big white cock. Watch as Raven performs her famous oral sex on Spike before bringing about a massive cum shot from her horny client. Raven sucks it all up and swallows it down before she leaves for her next sex session, with another client, and promising to meet up with Sofie Marie to tell her about their hot encounter.

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Mistress Raven: Sex Therapy With Spike Irons- Las Vegas Session  by ravenswallowz

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