Melby: Amateur MILF Poses for the 1st Time

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I met Melby, this 35 year old Chicago MILF, at a girl scout birthday party of all places. She was one of the moms in attendance. I happened to be there because my wife’s friend’s kid was also there and I tagged along for the cake - I love cake. There were actually a number of MILF’s in attendance that day, that I solicited to shoot, but this beauty was the only one that bit at the chance. She really had a unique look about her too, having a French, Irish, African American & Native American ethnic mix. She was a little on the ‘thick’ side, but not by a lot. When there was a break in the partying, I sat next to her on couch, eating my yummy cake. I introduced myself and asked her which kid was hers. She pointed over to some scrawny little kid and I acted interested, but really I could care less because all I wanted was to get her to say she would be down to shoot. She asked me how I ended up at the party and I pointed over to my wife and explained. We both giggled and she said ‘sometimes I wish I didn’t have a kid, but most times it is a blessing I feel.’ I grinned and asked her if she worked and she said she was a stay-at-home mom and her hubby was some high-powered attorney in Chicago. She in turn asked me what I do and I mentioned I was a pro glamour photographer. She asked if she had seen any of my work and I said jokingly, not unless you frequent ‘Playboy Magazine.’ Her eyes got wide and she said, ‘oh, that kind of photographer … when I was younger I would have loved to have been in that magazine but now I am just a mom with a kid and out of shape.’ I responded with, ‘Well, first off I think you have a super unique look and secondly, if I could be so bold, [whispering to her] your body is ‘voluptuous!’ She laughed out loud and said, ‘oh c’mon Jake’ and I said ‘no, I am serious, I have photographed thousands of women in my career, so I think I am qualified to make that assessment.’ She looked at me and winked. Then I said, ‘on that note, we should do a shoot together, what do you think?’ She said, ‘Are you serious?’ I said, ‘yup, very, and you will be paid for your time too.’ She responded and said, ‘well, I hate to disappoint you but there is no way in hell I will pose naked, my husband and church would kill me!’ I said, ‘[grinning] well, for the record I never asked you to pose nude … how about in lingerie?’ She said, ‘hmm, you are persistent that is for sure. Let me think about it. How can I get back to you?’ I gave her my mobile number and told her to message me, as I was going to be in town for the entire week and we could shoot at a local boutique hotel somewhere. She said she would get back to me that night. Like clockwork, she actually did text me later and she wrote, ‘Ok, I talked it over with my hubby and he actually thinks I should do it. He looked at your work and said ‘wow, you should do it babe.’ She continued.. ‘how much do I get paid for lingerie posing?’ I asked if it was sheer lingerie and she replied ‘no, sorry.’ I gave her the amount and she was pleasantly surprised at how much I was paying. So I had her fill out my application and we setup some time to shoot at this neat hotel in downtown Chicago. The first two sets were close ups of her face and torso wearing a black bra-let, shooting in an artistic way with these metallic objects in the room. Then she changed to a periwinkle-colored bra and panty set. We continued shooting in different areas of the suite and when we came to her wearing a satin robe over the panty set, I asked if she would be open to take off her bra. She said ‘you mean topless?’ to which I said, ‘well only if you are comfy..’ and unfortunately she said ‘I am sorry but don’t want to go that far… but I am ok taking it off with the robe on, showing some cleavage … how is that for a compromise?’ Of course, I will take anything I can and the last set is with her wearing the panties, no bra and satin robe. I did get one frame, DSC_7800 where the edge of her nipple is peaking out but other than that she was a tough cookie to crack. Oh well, I feel lucky to have gotten this sexy lady in lingerie at least. Next time I’m in Chicago I will try for another shoot with more exposure. haha. Enjoy!

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Melby: Amateur MILF Poses for the 1st Time by thekitchensink

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