On the way to my Nursing School Part 1 of 4

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Hello dear Professors can you please help me pass this exam?🤭 One veryyyyyyy special collection here, let me tell you why 🤭 I saw the contest theme of this month for Bentbox so decided to do something related to it, happened that the photographer of that very special time few months ago was free so my body started shaking just thinking on having something similar again (the ones that got that box and story will know what I am saying)🤭 We talked on the phone about ideas for this, and since he had this DREAM car with him for this week, we could do outdoors in the car 😈 I loved this idea and the chance to play the naughty nursing school student going to the University. Well, I will not tell the whole story here but the rest of what happened its described inside this box... 😈 So this set is split into 4 parts, first part, this one, its the start of the day, outdoor in the road side doing a dare both inside and outside the car... Second Part will come out soon complementing this one. Third its the following of this set that was not expected or planed but turned out to be amazing, at home in the bedroom 🤭 finally, but only for the ones having the 3 parts, I will release for sale (includes a video) a 4th one that its super special (you will know what I mean when you see the story inside these boxes) Big Kisses to all my fans 💋

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