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BACK STORY: I met 24-year old Daiyu, a slim and perky Taiwanese-mix flight attendant a few months ago. I had to fly to Tokyo for some photography meetings and managed to get upgraded to business class. Lucky for me this smoking hot woman was servicing my section. You'll probably be able to narrow down which airline I was on when I tell you what caught my attention, besides her stunning grace and beauty, was something I noticed during the meal service. I was sitting in an aisle seat and noticed her pushing the cart towards me, but whenever someone would order the chicken meal I noticed she had to squat down and bend over to grab it from the bottom of the cart. I could not believe my eyes when I caught a glimpse of her loose-fitting bra AND nipples peeking out from her work sarong, as she maneuvered low to grab a meal. Wow! Frankly I couldn't believe what I was seeing and as she got closer I could make out her well defined cherry-shaped, dark brown nipples encased in a pink + black stitched bra, when she grabbed my chicken meal too. :-) Daiyu handed me my meal and I gently smiled at her and thanked her for it, I didn't bring up anything at the time, because I knew she was under pressure to push out the meals. However, after the meal service and about two-thirds of the way to Tokyo, I got up and walked over to the galley area where her and the other attendants gather, taking a break while most of the passengers . When I went back there, I was fortunate because I noticed all the attendants except Daiyu were forward at the other galley. I asked her for some hot green tea and while her back was facing me, I purposely pulled out my Buddha pendant and let it fall out of my shirt. I wanted to see if she would notice and maybe we could use it to start chatting. As she turned around to hand me my tea, her eyes got wide and pointing she said 'oh wow, you have a happy Buddha, it's beautiful'; I thanked her and said I believed in the balanced lifestyle Buddha philosophized. She agreed and asked where I got the pendant and I said Singapore, to which she replied 'oh, my brother lives there'; So we continued chatting about Singapore and covertly, I uncovered more about her. She was a junior attendant for about two years, lived in Los Angeles and she was selected from a company lottery to fly the International routes, as normally they reserve those positions for senior staff. After about 20 minutes I excused myself and went back to my seat, so as to not seem desperate. As the flight continued, I had purposely pulled up my more conservative portfolio on my iPad, to coincide with her passing by and she stopped and noticed, commenting 'she's pretty, is she your wife?' In a low voice, I said I was a pro glamour photographer and that she in fact was a physician I shot a few months back. I continued and said she had no experience and that that was my expertise, working with ordinary people who have no modeling experience but have always thought about trying it. She commented 'Wow, that is so kool of you, how long have you been a pro photographer?' I said '20+ years' and she giggled commenting 'At least you do this for a living and have all that experience 'I've been asked by young guys who have no experience and have other things on their minds I feel.' [shaking my head] I grinned and said 'we call them GWC's 'Guys with Cameras!' Daiyu laughed softly and said she would have to remember that term. One of the senior attendants came over to Daiyu and whispered something and she put her hand on my shoulder and said 'my manager just told me to essentially get back to work haha, sorry.' I said 'no problem, sorry for any trouble.' She walked away but not before winking at me. I've learned from past experience to take the subject out of the social business setting and try to get them to model when I am 1:1 with them. So, I purposely waited until the flight landed and after disembarking, I sat out of sight waiting for her to come off the flight. Sure enough she eventually came out with some of her fellow flight attendants and I followed, out of sight, hoping for an opportunity to approach her. Unfortunately for me, I forgot about immigration which she was fast-tracked through and I was left stuck in line. I was so frustrated that I had forgotten about this fact, but as I made my way through immigration and out into the main area of the airport, I noticed her sitting alone at a coffee shop ing some hot beverage. I immediately took advantage of the situation and ordered a and then walked up to her and said [acting surprised] 'Oh, hi Daiyu, taking a much needed break?' She recognized me, smiled and before I could ask, she noticed I had a my hand and offered me a seat at her table. Let the games begin!!!! :-) As we sat making small talk, she asked me 'So you have photo shoots in Tokyo?' I replied that I was meeting with a big media house to try to get them to add many of my images to their client catalogue. I then continued and said 'Ya know, you'll probably roll your eyes, but I would be honored to work with you in your spare time in Los Angeles and do a photo shoot with you [grinning]- thoughts?' She turned red in the face and before she could reply I said '...and bonus, I am definitely NOT some random GWC!' I watched as she fiddled with her cup, contemplating the idea and she said, 'my boyfriend has been bugging me for years to try to get into modeling, I am really shy though when it comes to photos. [sighing] I don't know Jake.' I replied with 'Daiyu, don't forget, I have worked pretty much worked with every personality type out there and I can promise, you will have a lot of fun. There will be a female makeup artist present too, she'll get you all dolled up and looking magnificent. If nothing else, you'll be pampered for a few hours on a weekend.' She quickly replied 'Ya know what, let's do it! My boyfriend's birthday is coming up next month and maybe I can give him some of the images?' We exchanged contact info and I told her I would send her an email later that night to try to figure out a future date, to shoot. We ultimately went about our business in Tokyo. We finally met up almost two weeks later and as she got made up with my make up artist, we talked about the shoot a little. The nice thing was that this was a 'trade for prints' arrangement and I didn't have to pay her anything monetarily (at least that's what I thought). She said she brought a pretty red dress she was wearing when she met her boyfriend two years ago, hoping to get some sexy shots of her wearing it. I talked about the reasons for my strict rule of no underwear when posing in club wear or in this case a dress. She shook her head and said that was fine. So in this FULL HI-RES box, you will see her posing outside on the balcony, over looking the beach. She was so damn sexy. She was also a 'natural' and posing almost like a pro. I had to finally stop for a moment and ask if she had done any modeling before and she responded 'Oh no, never Jake, I just sort of looked at some glamour magazines and practiced in the mirror for a couple of hours, like your model prep doc suggested.' Well, she really made this whole shoot a much better experience as you can see in the photos. So I finally asked her after we came back inside if she had brought any lingerie with her and she said 'Well, I brought one bra/panty set but I don't think I am going to model in that, I am worried what my boyfriend might say.' So I asked, if he was a jealous type and she replied 'No, not at all, it's just that I never have talked about that much skin exposure whenever he has brought up me modeling.' So I said, 'Daiyu, remember the who purpose of this shoot is to get some super sexy images for you and your bf to look at later on his birthday, when you are snuggling up by the fire.' I smiled and winked. She smiled too. Then said, 'ok, I'll try it out.' As we looked at what she brought, I decided to first put her in the button up shirt she wore to the shoot and her black thong panties. Her meaty Asian butt was soooo inviting and I couldn't stop looking at her slightly discolored beauty mark too on her upper leg. As we moved through the shoot, she was totally feeling the vibe and looking soo amazing that we only got 23 lingerie shots (w/ a couple of nip slips) before I had to ask her the million dollar question. Would she consider going topless? Daiyu looked at my makeup artist and suddenly got shy on me. I pulled her aside and said 'remember when I said I would give you options as we progress in the shoot? Well, this is one of those times! Don't worry about Jennie [my makeup artist], she has seen it all and is definitely not affected by anything you decide.' Daiyu said, after thinking about it 'hmmm. I don't know.' Finally, I said, 'Look, you have to be comfy posing in whatever you decide, so there is no pressure at all. I do want to offer you some compensation though, because I realize this is something outside what you were thinking of doing initially.' I gave her the amounts for both topless and full nude. I tried to look indifferent to whatever she decided, fiddling with my camera and she then said 'this is for my bf, so I guess he wouldn't complain if I was posing sexy and nude.. It will be classy right?' I naturally said absolutely and we were off to the races. She was so comfortable posing nude, I was already planning my next shoot with her in my head.. hahaha.You will find Daiyu posing in the matching bra/panty set she brought with her, which happens to be the SAME bra I saw her wearing on the flight I initially mentioned earlier!!! Also see her full nude back and front posing inside the suite. I grabbed some shots of her ass and pussy from behind too. :-) She poses full nude and legs apart (not full spread though) with her lips and clit closed, but visible. In some images you can see her tongue slightly out as I could tell she was starting to feel super sexy and possibly a little horny. Her breasts and nipples were perky too. I shot some reflection shots in the bathroom mirror as well as the final moody shots in the shower, getting all wet and slippery. Heck, there's a good chance you might run into her on your next international flight too!! Enjoy!I hope you appreciate this more detailed back story!

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