Vasylina: Amateur Ukrainian Yoga Instructor Nude

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I met beautiful green-eyed 26 year old Vasylina at my gym. She was hired as a yoga instructor and had recently arrived into my country from the Ukraine. Ultimately I was on the elliptical machine exercising and staring into the all-purpose exercise room when Vasylina walked in alone. She was wearing her yoga pants and athletic top. I immediately noticed her very tight and firm body. She lay out her yoga mat and started doing stretches. I made a point to approach her in the parking lot because it never goes well approaching women while they are exercising at the gym! After 1.5 hours, she came out of the women’s locker room and started heading out of the building. I quickly walked up and left at the same time, juggling my car keys, trying to look casual. It was fate I think because her car was two cars away from mine. I went up to her before she could get into her car and introduced myself. I asked her if she liked the gym and we had a good chat about the place and that she had only been in the country about 4 months and that her husband was a citizen. She would be getting her papers in order to become a permanent resident. I told explained what I did and that I wanted to work with her on a shoot. She listened to my pitch, that I was shooting that weekend at a local boutique hotel and that I would be honored if she considered modeling of me. She gently smiled and said she would love to model and that she did a little when she was younger in the Ukraine. However, she said she would need to check with her husband. Of course, I was as accommodating as I could be. I gave her my card and asked her get back to me either way. The same day, she texted me back and said she spoke to her husband and that he wanted to chat with me, before agreeing she could model. I of course agreed and 10 minutes later I was on the phone with her hubby. He was pretty casual and said he checked out my work and was impressed. Sprinkled throughout the conversation he kept saying ‘no nude stuff’ or ‘I won’t allow her to pose nude.’ I just played it cool and said ‘Vasylina can model anything she is comfy doing, if she is not comfy doing that then absolutely she doesn’t have to pose nude.’ He seemed to relax after I responded to his comments and we made arrangements for both of them to meet me at the shoot. We met in the lobby and the husband was this weird little dude who came in holding her tightly by the hand. I have encountered these type of possessive guys before so I wasn’t concerned. I explained he could stick around while she did her paperwork and ID check, but after he would need to wait in the lobby. After checking with her, they both agreed. They came up and literally the only piece of clothing she came with, besides the jeans and t-shirt she was wearing was the red bra and panty set she had on underneath. She did the paperwork and promptly kissed and him and he left to go wait in the lobby. We talked about her time here as she started to take off her jeans and T-shirt. She looked great in her red lingerie. We first warmed up shooting on the bed and after about 20 minutes I said we shoot shoot by the window. She smiled and agreed and we started shooting there but after about 10 minutes she stood up and said ‘I am tired now of this lingerie, let’s get naked [grinning]!’ Of course, I said that we will shoot whatever she wanted. I smiled and also asked ‘are you going to tell hubby you took off the lingerie?’ She laughed and said ‘fuck no, he won’t understand and will get very angry at me, but this is why I moved to your country because I want to do what I want to do, not what my husband says.’ We both chuckled and proceeded. She had an amazing body and she was extremely comfortable posing with her legs spread open too. You will find images of her bent over and her pussy visible. A couple of her touching her nipples lightly. She was definitely a free-spirited babe. At the end of the shoot, when we met her hubby in the lobby I told him she was great and she proceeded to give me a hug. Before letting me go she whispered in my ear ‘I was so naughty, don’t tell’ She winked at me and I quickly shook his hand goodbye, in case he saw that and we then all departed. Hears hoping she will do a video next! Enjoy these Hi-res images.

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