Elena: Amateur FedEx Driver Poses Nude 1st Time

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While vacationing in a dessert hot spot recently somewhere in the Southwest US, a buddy of mine Fedexed a package to me while I was staying there at this beautiful hotel. The FedEx driver who came to my suite door, found it slightly ajar, no thanks to the maid that had stopped by earlier to check the minibar status. To my shock and the nude pro model I was shooting, there was Elena - this gorgeous 26 year old Romanian driver standing off to the side quietly watching!!! Well, to say the least, the model I was shooting got extremely pissed off and stormed off after putting her clothes back, bitching about how unprofessional I was - I mean it wasn’t my fault. As this drama was unfolding, Elena’s face got red and she clearly was embarrassed that she had caused the model to leave. She kept apologizing to me and the model, but the model wouldn’t hear it. Which I think was a little unreasonable considering the model was a pro. After the model left, I explained to Elena that even if the door was left slightly open, she should have knocked instead of just coming in and then standing there and watching the shoot. She said she thought I had left it open for her, like other customers have done in the past. She also explained the reason she didn’t say anything was because she didn’t want to interrupt my shooting. I gave her a weird smirk and asked ‘so you were ok watching the model nude like that?’ to which she responded ‘well, I mean she was beautiful and I was just amazed at how she was so natural at doing the job - I honestly didn’t think I was doing anything wrong - I am so sorry Jake.’ I then detected that perhaps actually she enjoyed watching the shoot, fantasizing about herself doing it. So I decided to try to make lemonade out of lemons! I said, ‘Well, I hate to be like this but I just lost a $10K job because of this unfortunate incident. My only remedy would be to have you come back after your shift and take that model’s place.’ Her face turned red again and she asked, ‘Are you serious Jake, I am not a model though.. ‘ I responded that she was actually just as beautiful and clearly in good shape - and having no experience was no problem. She pushed back repeating she had no experience and then also said her boyfriend might not be too happy about it too. I said, well tell him about what happened here today. Model for me and we will call it even and you will get paid the model’s fee too, which is probably 5x what you will make today. She said, ok, I will talk to my boyfriend about it and get back to you. We exchanged our mobile information and I told her if she was going to move forward, to please fill out my application before arriving. She asked where the photos would go and I told her it was for an adult magazine that was based in another country. When she heard that, she seemed to relax a little and said she would let me know after her shift ended. Fast forward two hours later, as I was eating lunch, I checked my emails and sure enough there was her application. I was so excited and relieved at the same time. As I read through the details she filled out, I noticed that not only did she indicate she was ok with ‘artistic nudity’ but she was ok with ‘explicit nudity’ … this told me she had a dark, naughty side. I texted her and asked how she handled her boyfriend and she told him we were shooting fashion shots and nothing more. I responded with a thumbs up emoji and waited for her to show up. When she showed up, she apologized to me and started to get teary-eyed. I told her not to worry and that everything was going to be ok, now that she showed up. She commented that she had never lied to her boyfriend before like she did for the shoot and she was feeling a little guilty. I said I understood, but “just to think you are doing the right thing by me to make sure I am made whole for the mess you caused - I think in spirit he would be ok with what you are doing.’ She shook her head and just said ‘yeah, hope so [sniffling]’ She laid out her wardrobe and we started with a white knit dress she had brought. We started out slow and then I asked her to drop her top half, to which she grimaced ‘oh my God, I am so nervous … ok.’ She revealed her slightly muscular frame and cute 34A tits. I could see her skin was so smooth and silky. We kept shooting and as time went by she got more and more comfy. We focused on her booty and it was so nice, her FedEx job kept her nice and in shape for sure. She turned to reveal her completely bald pussy and then looked over at a nearby chair and said, ‘I have an idea, can I try something I have always wanted to try?’ I grinned and said, ‘sure, why not’ to which she hopped in the chair and instantly spread her legs very wide so her gorgeous pussy lips and labia were in clear view. I tried to not act surprised, but deep down was so excited that what she had indicated on her application was in fact true. We shot a number of shots of her spread-eagle sitting on the lounger chair. She seemed to be super comfy in this pose and I asked her ‘Are you sure you have never modeled before? You seem so at ease.” She responded and said ‘well, this is how I normally sit on a lazy weekend when nobody is home, so that is how I envisioned it in my mind - it is ok, right? I nodded quickly and said, totally fine - I am happy you are feeling relaxed. The next set we shot in the bathroom and I had her put her bra and panties back on, the ones she arrived in wearing. She was very comfy and actually a natural at posing, requiring little direction from me. She said she actually felt a little self conscious about her boobs and I responded that I had hoped this shoot would help her feel more confident. She commented ‘I think so Jake. My boyfriend wants me to get a boob job!’ I just gave her a look like ‘are you crazy? and then just commented that she should only do it if she wanted to, NOT him. Period.’ She thanked me for my honesty and she said she needed to hear someone else’s opinion - someone like me - who looked at breasts for a living! The last set was more artistic and with some moody lighting, but towards the end, she stretched out her body in a way that her pussy lips and labia was jutting out in plain view, easy to see against the white back ground. I just loved working with this model. She really did completely relax by the end. We wrapped up and she said she was excited to see the results. I gave her my address where I normally shoot and she said she might try to come out there, if I wanted to shoot her again. I told her I would need to see how that shoot came out first, but I had a good feeling [well I didn’t want to seem desperate haha]. As she was starting to put her panties back on, her boyfriend called and they spoke in Romanian… after the call she commented ‘He wanted to make sure you were a gentleman and that you didn’t see anything too sexy [winking at me].’ I just grinned and winked back. Enjoy!

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