Amber: My Nephew's Girlfriend Poses Nude

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My nephew Don’s 26 year old Eurasian girlfriend, Amber, contacted me out of the blue last year. Frankly, I didn’t even know the she had my phone number, so I was taken aback a little. I had only met her once, a couple of years ago at my sibling’s 40th birthday party and she seemed like a wild one. Complete with multiple tattoos, tongue ring, naval ring, high school education, three kids and an on/off relationship with my nephew. When I met her, we casually chatted and eventually it came out that I was a photographer, so I wasn’t completely surprised when she led off her phone call with ‘Hi Jake, hope you remember me … this is Amber, I dated your nephew. We met at that birthday party a while back. Hey so, the reason I am calling is I want to model, can you photograph me?’ At first, I was concerned because she had said ‘dated’ so I probed a bit to find out what happened. Turns out they had a big fight and she left him with the kids, ultimately flying down to where I was located. He cheated on her with her best friend’s aunt!! So, as we continued, I was feeling less sympathy for him … assuming what she had told me was true. I didn’t immediately agree to it, as I wanted to speak to my nephew first, since he was family. It was a short conversation and the words, ‘fuck,’ ‘bitch’, ‘cunt’ etc flew out of his mouth … and he DID cheat on her, un-remorsely I might add. I mentioned she had called me because she wanted to shoot and his exact words were ‘Uncle Jake, you do what you want with that bitch, screw her! Seriously, I don’t care.’ Well, that was all I needed, let the games begin. :) Fortunately, I had a lite shooting schedule because we were in the middle of the pandemic, so we setup a shoot at a local hotel the next day. When she showed up, we didn’t say too much as I pulled out my legal paperwork and checked her IDs. She didn’t even really bother to read too much of my release, just quickly blowing through the pages and signing where needed. As she was signing she mentioned, ‘I want to shoot with no clothes too, is that ok?’ Of course, I said yes and smiling said ‘I’ll shoot whatever you are comfy shooting.” She winked at me and said, ‘ok, cool Jake.’ We started out shooting on the couch w/ her wearing a sexy lavender lingerie piece and she warmed up quickly. As we were shooting, one of the should straps dropped down and revealed her nipples. Normally a model will quickly put it back in place, but not Amber. She just said ‘oops, heehee’ and we both grinned and I kept shooting. The first thing I noticed however, aside from her wild tattoos were how HUGE her eraser-sized nipples were as they stood out at attention and also her very flat-chested breasts. Honestly, I was having dreams about sucking and nibbling on them. :) The second outfit she put on was a black lace one piece lingerie and she stood next to a full-length mirror. As we shot she lifted up the backside of the lingerie to reveal a very sexy cute butt. Even better, I saw that she had also actually trimmed her pussy hair into a nice little landing strip. As we shot we talked about her relationship with my nephew. She said she loved him but wasn’t a pushover to allow him to cheat on her like he did. They had three kids together, so it sounded like from her tone she was hurt but would eventually reconcile with him. The last set she completely removed her lingerie and hopped into the bed fully nude. We started out with her covered by the sheets but towards the end she threw the sheets to the side and modeled au naturale. If you like amateur MILFs that have a wild side like Amber, this is the box for you.

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