Teen Kylie: High School Photos turn into Lingerie Shoot!

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As a favor to one of my friends who makes a living shooting school photos of kids, I took on a shoot of a High School senior student. My photographer-friend had an unexpected illness which kept her from shooting her last shoot of the day. The student was Kylie and to my delight she had just turned 18 nine days before the shoot! Her ethnicity was European and French. Now keep in mind I had no intention of shooting her for my type of work at all. However, as we shot her Senior portraits she mentioned on many occasions that she wanted to get into modeling. As we shot, I talked about the industry and gave her feedback. She asked about setting up a portfolio and I generally went over what should be in a complete portfolio, including lingerie. During a wardrobe break, she asked if she could see my work. Of course, knowing she was 18, I had no problem showing her. Her eyes got wide and she said, ‘wow, they look amazing, but could never shoot naked and stuff.’ I said, ‘well every model has their own comfort level and limits - it is totally up to them on how much they want to show.’ She nodded her head and said, ‘yeah, that makes sense.’ As she looked at my work, I asked her, ‘if we were going to shoot in my style, what would your limits be you think?’ She thought for a moment and said, ‘well, since I am trying to get into modeling and need a portfolio, I guess like club wear, fashion, bikini stuff, ‘not too sexy’ underwear might be ok too - you know, nothing see through or too lacy.’ I went further and said, ‘well, here is my info, let me know if you want to do something. I can work you into my shooting schedule and I won’t charge you since you are trying to get into the industry and this would be my gift to you.’ [smiling] She had a big grin and said, ‘awe, that is so kool, thanks Jake! I will definitely do that..’ The senior portraits shoot went quickly since it is a standard lighting setup, shot in about an hour. Kylie departed and she said she would ping my mobile once she talked about it with her parents. I gave her a thumbs-up and secretly hoped her parents wouldn’t want to be present [grinning].’ Fast forward 4 days after and she pinged my mobile with a text: ‘Hey Jake, this is Kylie. Would love to shoot some of the stuff we talked about. I talked to my mom and she said I could try it. At first she was going to come with me, but I told her I had already worked with you and that was enough for her to let me do it alone. [smiling].’ I responded with a thumbs-up emoji and set the date and location. I was shooting at a local boutique hotel and I worked her shoot into my day. Her mom dropped her off and we met. After mom departed we went up to the suite. I triple-checked her two IDs to make sure she was in fact 18, as you can never be too careful. She signed the model release paperwork and then laid out her wardrobe. To my surprise, she had some very sexy and lovely lingerie pieces, they all had sales tags on them. As I looked at the four pieces, she commented ‘my mom got me those. The sheer red panty and bra I bought on my own, because she would not be happy that I am showing things in that one. Also, since it looks like you generally shoot lingerie and nudes, I think I want to just shoot lingerie and skip and the other more conservative stuff. I will absolutely NOT shoot or implied nudes though, sorry.’ I replied simply, ‘Of course, we will shoot what you are comfy shooting. Period.’ She looked at me and smiled and thanked me for understanding. As we shot, I put her in different pieces. Interestingly, one of the all-white one-pieces had some sheer elements, to the point where I could see her sexy, shaved pussy lips tucks neatly under the sheet material. If you look closely you can even make out a tiny red butterfly outline of a tattoo down there. So, like most teens, she obviously had a wild side. haha. My favorite piece was the one she bought, a sexy sheer red panty and bottoms. You can easily see her gorgeous 33B breasts and pink areoles and nipples through the very sheet materiel. Also, checkout her youthful, perky butt. It looked so amazing too. The fact that this was Kylie’s first step into shooting sexy images, I felt this was a win for everyone, even though she didn’t go nude per se, the sheer pieces allow for the viewers to look beyond at her very sexy, perky teen body. Unedited, Raw and Natural. Enjoy!

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Teen Kylie: High School Photos turn into Lingerie Shoot!  by thekitchensink

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