Lilly: Eurasian Mom Returns - Does 1st Time 4K Video

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Those of you who have followed Lilly’s two other boxes, you will not be disappointed with her first and only masturbation 4K video - something her husband does not know about too. This is her at her most vulnerable, sharing with you details about her sex life and fantasies, exposing her body, including her tummy stretch marks (she had two kids after all and is a TRUE MILF). See her amazing firm booty too as she puts oil on all over her body. She was so timid that the only way she would do the video was if I allowed her to wear a masquerade mask. When we get to the point where I try to get her to masturbate, she hesitates and has questions, to the point where I end up having to go off camera help her understand. After more $$$ she agrees to masturbate and play with her clit with her hands, watch her playing with it first with her wedding-ring finger, diddling it to orgasm. Next I give her the mini clit vibrator which produces some great facial expressions, as the experience is new to her. Last scene is her masturbating in the doggy position. Enjoy! NOTE: The downloaded video files will provide for 3840  x 2160 4K resolution, however if you view them in the Bentbox platform they are compressed to lower resolution for optimal streaming.

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