Natalie: 1st Time Video

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Buy this box and unlock a BONUS box with images of amateur Natalie, full nude, PRIOR to this casting couch session. Password will be sent separately via BentBox messaging. I met 23 year old Colombian and Scandinavian 'Southern Bell' Natalie when I was down south, proctoring a photography workshop. She was working at the local store as stockroom clerk. This unassuming beauty was bent over as she reloaded antacid onto the shelves. She wore tight yoga pants and a hoodie and had a nice bum. I had really bad heartburn and in fact was in need of some relief. When I asked her if she had any more of my brand, she pleasantly smiled at me and said she did. We talked about the recent tornadoes that had just ravaged the area the night before. I was glad to hear her family and friends were unaffected. Of course, as we chatted she asked what I was doing in town and I shared with her that I was a pro photographer proctoring a photography workshop. She replied 'oh nice, is that at the local college?' I said it was and she said she wished she had artistic ability. Grinning, I said I would photograph her any day of the week, based on her profile. Her cheeks turned bright red and with a smile, she said 'Aren't you a little old to be hitting on me?' I told her I was saying this in strictly a professional manner and that I was happily married with two kids. Some relief came over her a little and she said 'oh, ok .. so you think I could be a model?' 'Absolutely!' I said, watching for her reaction. 'Does it pay well? I mean I have a degree in International Affairs but as you can see that is not getting me too far at the moment.' I told her what the going rate was for the varying genres and her eyes got wide. She forwardly asked me 'So when are we going to shoot?' Always knowing my availability exactly for situations like these, I told her I had some free time that weekend, for which she said she would be willing to 'give it a whirl in lingerie.' We met at my hotel and she arrived in a black dress and we shot in a number of sexy outfits. Ultimately, she turned out to be a little minx and was all too anxious to strip completely nude for the right amount of cash. She was definitely not shy and had an infectious smile and personality. Buy this box to learn more about her, and watch the interview raw and unedited. Watch as she strips nude and masturbates and her pussy squirts and flows like a river. Learn some interesting things about her too. Her preferences in men and women. Her experimentation with THC laced lube too. At one point her pussy was red from her playing with it so much! Enjoy. NOTES: The downloaded video files will provide for 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, however if you view them on the Bentbox platform they are displayed in a compressed resolution for optimal streaming.

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Natalie: 1st Time Video  by thekitchensink

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