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I met 22 year old Lindsey at a Mormon retreat in the LA hills; she describes her ethnicity as 'mutt.' :) This had to be the most unusual meetup I've ever had, for sure. My buddy and I were hiking up near the Hollywood sign, because we had a few days before flying home. As we hiked, a group of three women and three men came upon us and we kept pace with them pretty much. As we walked, the woman in front of me stumon a tree root and she went flying head-first into the dirt. We all stopped and took a few minutes to make sure she was ok and as we did that, I introduced myself and buddy to them. They explained that they were a local Mormon bible study group hiking up to do a retreat. What immediately struck me was that one of the three ladies was not wearing her conservative 'temple garments' and instead was casual in her dress, wearing a bikini top under her tank top, jean shorts and hiking boots. Lindsey was stunning and super sexy with those lovely blue eyes. As we talked, I mentioned I was a pro photographer and that I shot glamour. One of the males in the group overheard this and he immediately wedged himself between the women and us, reminding us they were Mormon and didn't appreciate the topic. I told him to relax and that the last time I checked I wasn't Mormon and was free to do as I please, but of course that no disrespect was intended. The men after that watched the women like a hawk, which frankly made my skin crawl and I hated it on so many levels, me being a free-spirited creative after all. As we all started hiking again, Lindsey was in front of me and I had a plan. I took out my business card and decided to take a gamble, that based on my read, she would be receptive to at least considering modeling for me. As we came up on a turn in the trail, I waited until her group had all gone out of sight and I quickly tapped her on her shoulder. She turned around, stopped and before she could say something, I gestured for her to be quiet as I handed her my business card. She took it, looked at it and gestured back with a wry smile that I was being naughty. I grinned back and just casually said in a low tone, 'check out my work and let me know.' While giggling, she shook her head in disgust and ran off to catch up to her group. Well, I thought, it was worth the try, you can't win them all. The next day, my buddy and I were sitting at a cafe, enjoying lunch when I got a text from Lindsey! She first apologized for her group and the men specifically, saying that they were bread to think conservatively. She went on to say that, although she was Mormon, she was the 'black sheep' in the group and seemed to always go against the grain when it came to being conservative. I mentioned I too was surprised to see her dressed less conservatively and she responded back in a flirty way saying 'oh, you did huh? [w/ a winking emoji].' I knew right there that my luck was about to change with her. I referenced her black sheep comment and said 'why not take that rogueness in you and go to the next level - model for me!' She said she saw my website and based on what she saw, she was interested. She had just graduated from college and moved to LA about four months earlier. She was working as a web designer too so she definitely had a creative vibe to her too. So we met a day before my flight and got the paperwork and ID verification out of the way. She commented that although she had a propensity for being wilder than her Mormon family she would only model in lingerie, but go no further. I suggested we start with her wearing some clothes, for which she replied back and said 'I actually only have two hours to shoot, do you mind if I wear a bralet and panties and kind of skip to the more risque stuff?' We first shot some stuff outdoors near a couple of lemon trees and I could see she was a little nervous. After providing some guidance however, she definitely relaxed and got into the groove. Admittedly, her gorgeous body and face mesmerized me and I could not believe I was actually shooting this Mormon stunner. Next we moved to an Airstream RV that was on the property where we shot. As we quickly moved to the next bra and panty set, I said '[grinning] ya know, you might not get another chance like this pose nude - would you consider it if I offered to triple your pay?' She looked at me and at first didn't respond but then said, 'make it 10x the pay and I will definitely do it.' My eyes widened and I replied 'are you serious? that's a pretty large bump in pay for one hour of nude work.' She then said, 'Ha! I didn't think so.. I am good just modeling the lingerie.' Now anyone who has gotten to know me at this point knows that I love a good challenge, so before she could move on to another topic I said, 'Ya know what, let's do it - its a deal.' Her face turned bright red and she started biting her nails asking 'that's a lot of money, you're willing to pay that just to see me nude?' I said, 'well, not to give you a big head, but you are absolutely gorgeous and I would love the opportunity to work with you in that capacity.' She gave me that half scolding look and said ... pausing.... 'crap, a deal is a deal I guess. [smirking and sighing].' Feeling like I had just climbed Mt. Everest, we started shooting. When she removed her bra to reveal her amazing 34C breasts I was floored, not to mentioned excited to see the tan line created from her bikini top. She changed bottoms to a sheer panty and I just went on automatic, shooting her feverishly. Eventually she removed her panties too, revealing her cutely trimmed pussy. No spreads in this set but frankly, you won't be disappointed and I am happy to have been able to even get her fully nude. My first Mormon to do so!! This Hi-Res box is unedited too. Enjoy!

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